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Stupid "majority of the pledged delegates" metric

As the embroiderers affix the last gilt rosettes, ermine trimmings, and trappings of power to the train that Obama will wear for his "subtle" coronation tonight, it's worth taking a moment to reflect that the ostensible metric for tonight's entertainment really is completely, 100% content-free, at least from the standpoint of Teh Rulez. Mario Cuomo [PDF] explained on Face the Nation:

SCHIEFFER: would be wise to announce that? Let's say that Senator Obama's going to get
the nomination. It seems highly unlikely that he won't at this point. Do you think he ought to
announce that now?

Gov. CUOMO: No.

SCHIEFFER: So that will be something people can talk about before the convention?

Gov. CUOMO: No, no.

SCHIEFFER: Or wait until then?

Gov. CUOMO: It's premature now. It would be unfair to Hillary Clinton and unfair to the process. Look, the whole process has been butchered, let's be honest. [Thanks Donna!] And you have to save this argument for another day. But the Democratic process has been very, very flawed. In its design, it's supposed to go through to the end to a convention, and at the convention is the only place where the votes count. Most people don't understand that all the counts that have already been-- all the contests that have already been held did not produce votes. They produced pledges, which probably would be lived up to at the convention.

Gee, we're sorry the press is b-o-o-o-o-r-e-d. We're sorry that Obama just can't wait to crown himself, and, Bless His Heart, why shouldn't he? But them's Teh Rulez.


Gov. CUOMO: But by its design--and all the superdelegates, they should have been waiting to be the last clear chance. It hasn't worked that way. MR SUBLIMINAL Two states disenfranhised. Obama's money Anyway, let the project--let the process finish.

SCHIEFFER: All right.

Gov. CUOMO: Go through the primaries, then start talking about a vice president. But do it as
early as you can.

I'm sure that bringiton, who has turned into our subject matter expert on this issue, could give a lot more detail. But that's what Cuomo, Democratic loyalist and old-timer, thinks. The opera ain't over 'til the fat singer sings.... ;-)

Read the whole FTN transcript.

Cuomo makes the useful point that at the end of the day, both Hillary and Obama are stone professionals. The personalia are not going to matter, and they will both do what needs to be done. The supporters and fans, however, will be a different matter.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

That's the question. What does Obama feel "needs" to be done? I don't know, which is why I don't trust him. Sometimes the vague people are most dangerous because they pander to the worst aspects of each faction. Integrity means not being deliberately obtuse.

I'm pretty sure I know where McCain stands. I don't like it and can't vote for it, but I know where he stands.

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Submitted by trishb on

He is both thoughtful and principled as well as an unashamed, unabashed liberal of the old school. I grew up in upstate NY and lived there for most of his tenure. Back then, the Albany tv stations covered state politics extensively (don't know if they still do). Cuomo never made me embarrassed to be a vocal Democratic partisan.

He spoke at my sister's commencement from a small Catholic women's college downstate. It is the only politician's speech personally witnessed during my lifetime that moved me to tears. He was a very powerful orator. When mixed with his strong principles, it was a compelling combination.

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Submitted by bringiton on

The Olympics are Aug 8-24. July is considered too early. Democratic Convention starts right after the Olympics close, Rs not until a week later.

The attack on McCain from the DNC can start any time, and the money deal just done with Clinton and Obama was to help start funding that attack. Both of them can go after him as well, I think we would have all beem better served if the D candidates had focused more on how they were going to beat the Rs and what they were going to do to fix the mistakes of the Rs instead of going after each other.

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IIRC, they moved it to August because Kerry claimed he couldn't defend the Swiftboating because he didn't have enough money to do so because there was so much time between the convention and the election.

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Submitted by bringiton on

The thinking for this year was two-fold (1) If they went in July the Olympics would just suck all the air out of any message and by the time September rolled around the candidate would be old news. (2) Once the Rs settled on Sept 1 the only option was the week before; going after the Rs somehow was not good.

Not trying to defend the decision, just repeating what I've read and heard.

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Submitted by bringiton on

not that anyone is reading this thread anymore, between Xenophon the Human Lightening Rod and Hillary Kicks Obama Butt.

Coumo says correctly that the delegates are pledged but not bound; they can change their vote as they please. He's also correct that the decision will officially be made at the convention; whatever gets said and "decided" in June or July or August doesn't count - only the vote at the convention actually decides anything.

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thanks to you bringiton for your ROOLZ explanation.

Thank God things can change...conversely, though, I now understand the Obama haka now. Its not to scare us old stupid racist non men into worshiping at the feet of The One - but rather to dazzle the impressionable Superdelegate or delegate into nominating him.

So 75,000 attendees at a Decemberist free concert could be made to look like a potential threatening posse in Denver if...