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Stupidest career "progressives" on the face of the earth

Digby edition:

The report predicts 30 million people will remain uninsured [under ObamaCare] in 2022... That will certainly be an improvement over the 50 million uninsured today, but I guess I'm a little bit stunned that these numbers will be so high even ten years from now. And I'm even more surprised that this is considered such a great success that people are already proposing to start dismantling Medicare because of it.

Obviously, nobody who is concerned about health care policy should ever trust Digby in the slightest degree ever again.

If Digby had actually cared about coverage, she would have supported single payer when she had the chance and it might have made a difference. She, like all the other "career" progressives, ran interference for the Obama administration, suppressed and censored single payer advocates, and now she's "stunned" and "surprised" that ObamaCare has turned out to the pile of crap that single payer advocates told her it would be.

Shocked, shocked. A classic case of career "progressive" suck up and kick down: Suck up to the Democratic apparat, kick down to the millions who are dying for lack of care.

Thanks for the nothingburger, Digby, then and now. Thanks a lot.

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