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Stupidest wonk on the face of the earth. Evil, too.

Young Ezra:

Ironically, bringing ObamaCare to Medicare is an obvious long-term compromise on health care [Oh, good]. If Republicans can make their peace with the [Heritage Foundation-authored] Affordable Care Act and help figure out how to make the Affordable Care Act's exchanges work to control costs and improve quality [and if weasels fly out of my butt, because that's exactly what a profit-driven system cannot do], it'd be natural [in Versailles] to eventually migrate Medicaid and Medicare into the system [thereby gutting two single payer systems]. Liberals would like that because it'd mean better care for Medicaid beneficiaries [prove it] and less fragmentation in the health-care system [see under "mess of pottage, sell birthright for"]. Conservatives would like it because it'd break the two largest single-payer health-care systems in America and turn their beneficiaries into consumers [meaning that liberals get a hypothetical outcome, and conservatives get a known one]. But the implementation and success of the Affordable Care Act is a necessary precondition to any compromise of this sort. You can't transform Medicaid and Medicare until you've proven that what you're transforming them into is better [yes, you can. You just loot them]. Only the Affordable Care Act has the potential to do that [also, too, single payer experiments in the states, like VT, which you just wrote off, YOU PUTZ].

Oh, and the evil part--

From an ethical standpoint -- follow me closely, here, young Ezra -- this prescription is a gigantic medical experiment on the health of the American people, and, given the policy discussions that censored single payer, performed on them without their informed consent. Any doctor knows that's unethical.

Ezra is recommending a procedure, which is known not to work, and not recommending a procedure that is known to work, and as an experiment. Why? Nothing to do with health outcomes at all. Rather, Ezra's experiment is being done, and at the expense of a statistically certain number of deaths, to see whether the doubling down on the neo-liberal solution of project of putting rentiers at the center of all human relations will work in health care, when anybody who looks at the data knows it does not. That really is evil.

NOTE Yeah, the headline: Wonkbook: Is Obama secretly the greatest Republican ever? Some of us would quarrel with "secretly," but yeah. And kudos to VastLeft for propagating that meme starting, oh, a year or so ago.

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Submitted by Eureka Springs on

Ezra "Shock Doctor" Swine says the peeps need more cattle prods. (with apologies to pigs)

What should we expect from a cheerleader and his humanitarian bombing party? Not to forget who funds them all.

Submitted by jawbone on

Heritate Foundation/for-profit insurance company Care....

NOT expand Medicare Improved to cover everyone.

Horrifying idea. Horrifying twit. But he's got the Corporate gig, so he's a Very Serious Person.

Is he being a stalking horse for what Obama wants to do?

Submitted by Hugh on

Ezra Klein is just a propagandist for kleptocracy. He says what he is paid to say, and as long as he gets that paycheck, he will say anything. Some of what he says may be sloppier and more egregious than at other times, but it's not like he's shilling some of the time. He's shilling all the time. Somedays he just does a better job of it than others.

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Submitted by pmj6 on

...on which side his bread is buttered. But I guess that was the whole point of creating the "access blogger" class. Once they have access (or whatever passes for access in their world--it's not like they have actual influence on policy) they'll do anything to keep it. Anything at all.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

back in the 90's when Heritage was coming up with this swindle. Ezra is vile. Truly vile.

It is Nigerian email policy, give us your money up front for the bigger sum that never actually materializes. Ezra is the apologist for griftopia. What a meritritious little punk.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

all these bastards out! And let's drive WaPo out of business.

Submitted by jm on

Yglesias gives Klein a run for the money with this gem of "liberal" punditry:

The diminishing marginal utility of money means there’s a strong case for redistributing funds from people who have a lot of it to people who’ll get more use from it. But that very same diminishing marginal utility of money means that there’s little reason to believe that inequality in real living standards among the elite is nearly as big as the inequality in income.

Really Matt?

In essence, Yggles argument boils down to this: I have a secure, relatively well compensated and stress-free gig, so who cares if the top 0.1% of the income distribution is raking in an ever increasing share of national income and wealth. The irony here is that, unlike most other inside-the-Beltway opinion setters, Yglesias probably can see, in his own neighborhood, the profoundly negative impact income inequality has on society. In his zip code the most recent reading of median household income available is just $25,095, or about 60% of the national median household income level. But who cares, right Yggles? You got yours.