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Sunday Night Lo-Fi Blogging: Conversation with God

I don't speak Saami [and the only Norwegian I remember from my college days is where can i find a horse? and thank you very, very much] so I'm taking it on faith that this song applies even remotely to the rest of the post.

There are 16 Democratic Senators, 1 Democratic President, and at least 1 Democratic House member [h/t] who, having come down on the side of austerity for the suffering, ought to perhaps check in with the God/dess/e/s Of Their Choice [If Any] to see if they can get their moral compasses recalibrated.

Until that happens [yeah, like it's ever going to happen], Bernie Sanders and Democracy For America are taking a stab at it. There's a conference call scheduled for Tuesday night, Dec 7, at 8pm Eastern Time. You can RSVP to be included in the call here, and there's even a form at that link for asking Sanders a question. If you can't think of a question of your own to ask, maybe you could suggest he read this Progressive Deficit Reduction Plan [thanks, lets!].

Ha, speaking of the God/dess/e/s of Your Choice...

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Submitted by lambert on

Are you sure that's not conversations with Cod?

NOTE Oh, and again, if you create an Event, not only do you get a post, but it goes up on the sidebar under "Upcoming Events" -- which I rearranged to the top since we're starting to flag them, and I want to encourage that...

Submitted by hipparchia on

they eat reindeer too, so maybe there are some conversations with santa claus that we don't want to hear about...

i wasn't planning to try to liveblog this one, so i didn't make it into an event. do you want me to add the conference call to the events calender anyway?