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EBOLA Crisis Dooming Legacy of West's Capitalism/Imperialism


So far there has been only a relatively tiny amount of international aid to combat the profoundly dangerous Ebola epidemic. There have only been a few hundred international volunteer doctors and nurses, many of whom are now dead or who have withdrawn to avoid infection. Read more about EBOLA Crisis Dooming Legacy of West's Capitalism/Imperialism

Predatory US Veils ‘Disaster Capitalism’ w/ ‘War on Terror'

US drones are destroying many “collateral damage” civilians in Yemen and thus inspiring more and more Yemenis to bitterly and momentously side with Al-Qaeda against the US. Declares Glenn Greenwald, the droning is not only amoral but strategically STUPID. Read more about Predatory US Veils ‘Disaster Capitalism’ w/ ‘War on Terror'

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The resource war in Africa


Crossed Crocodiles has the latest on the war in East Africa and why we are sending military advisers to Uganda. It is all about our rivalry with China and the scramble to control Africa's natural resources.

And why does China have such a need for Africa's resources? Because China is a manufacturing giant. And how did China become a manufacturing giant? We shipped all our jobs to China. Read more about The resource war in Africa

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Village horrified at the prospect of saving African lives

More evidence that the Village really is a sack of pus comes from Saturday's Washington Post:
AIDS Funding Binds Longevity of Millions to U.S.
Open-Ended Commitment of Money Is Implied

President Bush plans to sign a bill next week that commits the United States to spending about $40 billion over the next five years to fight AIDS overseas, a major expansion of what many consider his most successful foreign policy initiative.

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