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Andrea Mitchell's April Fools Joke

Watching the evening news I caught a report by Andrea Mitchell on the Nuclear Security Conference that is now being held, appropriately enough, on April Fools Day. It is obviously part of a PR effort to build international support for our shiny new war on ISIS. Read more about Andrea Mitchell's April Fools Joke

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Marie Antoinette speaks out about the need to cut your nursing home care


Digby has Andrea Mitchell's latest embarassment:

Andrea Mitchell: It does go beyond rhetoric. He needs to engage the American people in this joint venture. That's part of the call. That's part of what he needs to accomplish in his spech and in the days following the speech. He needs to make people feel that this is their venture as well and that people are going to need to be more patient and have to contribute and that there will have to be some sacrifice.

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Andrea Mitchell: The Poll Dancer


On Monday, Mrs. Greenspan was full of shit as per usual when she said that most Americans wanted Scooter Libby pardoned. Actually 18% wanted him pardoned according to a CNN poll released that same day, but I guess that is just being a stickler for details. Read more about Andrea Mitchell: The Poll Dancer

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