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Petidote of the Day 2012-02-10



Thanks to Coyote Creek, we have a wonderful image for today's Petidote.

This is Timber (kitty of Mr. and Mrs. Coyote Creek).

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Petidote of the Day 2012-01-13



Founding (and sole member) of Occupy Dog Treat Jar (#ODTJ) Read below the fold...

Let the oppo begin!

I always expected the question of how Mike Huckabee's son killed that dog* would be a fertile source for opposition researchers.

But I didn't expect that would happen the minute the Iowa polls closed! Fuck!



NOTE * Bud, from Legal, insists that I add the word "alleged" here. Read below the fold...

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All-American Bullet-headed Saxon Mother's Son

[Welcome, C&L readers.]

Mike Huckabee describes the glory of heavenly guidance:
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McCain's national finance co-chair, when drunk in college, looked on and did nothing as dog was killed, then barbecued

[Welcome Drunk Report readers.]

I swear I'm not making this up! And it saddens me, just a little, truly. I would have thought that McCain, having been tortured, would be the very last Republican candidate to throw his hat in this particular ring:


But doggone it--hat tip to alert reader muttley66--once again I just wasn't cynical enough. Read below the fold...

So, what was Willard Mitt Romney's dog praying for, exactly?

Via the fair and balanced Ana Marie, this saccharine little vignette:

One of the Romney family's 1980s routines had been to gather in Mitt and Ann's bedroom each night to say their prayers together. Another family dog from that era, a yellow Labrador named McKenzie, would join them, putting her paws up on the bed in mock prayer, Ann told the Globe.

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Yet another Republican kinked about animals

It really is a disturbing trend.

I mean, strap your dog on top of your car? Sure, Seanus is in a carrier, but Jeebus, even so. Whoever heard of such a thing?

But did I call my shot about Romney being "hinky", or what? Read below the fold...

Expired: Gay Sex. Tired: Horse Sex. Wired:..



Yes, yes I am a shameless hit whore. Sue me.

And yes, it is the same guy who fucked the horse. Read below the fold...

What's with the dead deer on Dick Cheney's front lawn?


NY Daily News:

People passing by the vice president's residence over the weekend were shocked to see a dead deer on his lawn. "Who killed it!?" asked one horrified witness. "The deer has been there a while, because a friend E-mailed me earlier this morning to report the sad sighting. I just saw it myself, in a cab going down [Massachusetts Ave.]. I'm crying."

Coverage on this one has been pretty scanty, and there are some obvious questions to ask: Read below the fold...

One more Republican kinked about animals

The odd thing, or not, is that this kink is everywhere in the Republican leadership: Santorum, Frist, George Felix Allen, Bush.... And via A Liberal Dose, we are reminded of another example: Read below the fold...

Are all Republicans kinked about animals, or only some of them?

[The latest: Willard Mitt Romney.]

What is it with Republicans and animals? Read below the fold...

George Felix Allen left a severed deer's head in a black family's mailbox?

Please, somebody tell me this one's not true. Because otherwise, I'll have failed to be cynical enough about Republicans, yet again. All all these guys sadists, or what?

AP: Read below the fold...

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