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The Unnamed War Unfolding Around Us

RECENTLY I posted on YouTube's yanking of a vlogger's account due to the torture practices he was exposing that are perpetrated by Egyptian police. Read more about The Unnamed War Unfolding Around Us

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Not Just THIS War . . . ALL War!


First, the headlines. Islamic Republic News Agency:

Thousands of people attend anti-war demonstrations in US
New York, Jan 28, IRNA

Thousands of people on Saturday staged demonstration in several American cities, including the capital, in protest at war-mongering policies of the US President George W Bush.

The demonstrators called for an end to Bush's approach toward the war in Iraq and stressed the need for urgent return of the American troops to their home country.

The demonstrators shouted slogans such as, "We do not want another Vietnam".

In Washington, the crowd heard speeches by more than a dozen veterans, anti-war activists, religious leaders, Hollywood celebrities and political leaders like Jesse Jackson, a longtime African-American civil rights activist . . . Read more about Not Just THIS War . . . ALL War!

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