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Humanist Advocates on Campus

Hemant is all over this issue because he goes to a lot of college campuses to speak and college kids are generally the most enthusiastic atheists out there today. So what do you think? Is there a legitimate "need" for "humanist" chaplains on campus like there are religious chaplains for students? Read more about Humanist Advocates on Campus

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Sunday Atheism Blogging: Mawwage Ed.

The NSA is really giving me the widdershins today. Meh. Hopefully, this will work. Starting link. My Comment:

well, f*ck it. this is the atheist blog, after all.

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Sunday Atheism Blogging

I haven't even made it through the comments yet, but I just have to pass along this great Sunday blog topic from my girl, Greta Christina. Why won't she call me, oh why oh why? Heh, anyway:

Atheists and unbelievers: What, if anything, would make you believe? Worship? Read more about Sunday Atheism Blogging

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Atheist Monetary Humor

This should make Lambert's cold go away faster:

Courtesy of Harvard professor Niall Ferguson in Vanity Fair:

The motto “In God we trust” was added to the dollar bill in 1957. Since then its purchasing power, relative to the consumer price index, has declined by a staggering 87 percent.

I bet we could turn this economy around by replacing "God" with "FSM." Just sayin. Read more about Atheist Monetary Humor

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Everyone Hates Atheists!

"It's dangerous for our children to even know your philosophy exists!" With Dems like these, who needs Iran? Seriously, I'm with Zorn: if this had been a Jew or Christian sitting in that chair and an elected rep harshed on their brand of faith? We'd never hear the end of it. But atheists are fair game, because we hurt children, or something. Read more about Everyone Hates Atheists!

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Tuesday Morning Silliness

Watching a religion-themed movie this morning as I enjoyed some too-strong coffee, I had the thought that I can explain simply why I'm an atheist.

The gods are too cruel.

If I'm wrong, and there is a penalty for not worshipping them, obviously I'll pay it. But even in the face of that potential risk, I still think my deal is no worse than that of the righteous. The things they are expected to do, the beliefs they are expected to tortuous. There is no cruelty that like born of following the extreme path of action grounded in imperative, religious reasoning. Read more about Tuesday Morning Silliness

The Golden Compass: The Movie

Here's the trailer.

Release is scheduled for December, in plenty of time for the War on shopping Christmas, which of late has formed such an endearing part of our Holiday season here in the States.

The Christianists are going to hate this one, and they're going to go even more batshit than they usually are.

Why? Here's a profile of the author, Philip Pullman: Read more about The Golden Compass: The Movie

Belief is the wound that knowledge cures


(Props to Ursula LeGuin's The Telling for the title.) PZ Meyers has a terrific post on Christianity's sins against science over at Pharyngula. Read the whole thing, but my favorite is the twelfth sin: Read more about Belief is the wound that knowledge cures

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More Bunk From the NYT on Religion

Garbage. I'll make three points: Once again, the Times "selects" from a group of people who already agree with this theory, and fails to ask actual evolutionary scientists who are critical of it what they think. Gotta love the "balance." Also, this piece mostly fails to apply the "logic" of the theory to non-monotheistic religions, implying that monotheistic belief is what is being "proven" here. Finally, group selection is bunk. Read more about More Bunk From the NYT on Religion

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Closeted Atheists and Politics

Confession time...

In 2006, I ran for the US House against an unholy a far-right DINO and lost in the Primary. I drop the phrase, "I placed second in a three-way race", to either joke-it or to save face--it could be either. In reality, the incumbent got 86.2%, I got 10.0% and Mr.Last Place got 3.8%. Read more about Closeted Atheists and Politics

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Nailing a straw man to the cross

Nicholas Kristof indulges in a faith-based slam against atheists.

The core message is exactly the same as what's being said to the incoming Democrat-led Congress — the burden of years of excess by the Rabid Right is on you. Play to the center, and before you say anything... have a nice cup of STFU:

[] is part of an increasingly assertive, often obnoxious atheist offensive led in part by Professor Dawkins — the Oxford scientist who is author of the new best seller "The God Delusion."
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The atheists are in charge. Now what?

Right-wingers will doubtless (and they are doubtless, aren't they?) think I'm talking about the Democrats who control the new Congress.

Alas, as far as I know, every man and woman in the 110th Congress — including each and every donkey — subscribes to a monotheistic faith.

So we're talking hypothetically here, thanks to some interesting questions Frank raised in comments at Martian Anthropologist: Read more about The atheists are in charge. Now what?

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Bible Study for Atheists

This week, the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy introduces a sister site, "Bible Study for Atheists," a place for non-believers to learn about the book sensation that's Stepfordizing the nation.

From the dawn of man to the (spoiler alert!) final revelation, we'll take an irreverent day-by-day, chapter and verse look at the Good Book. Read more about Bible Study for Atheists

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Fantastic, Captain!

How does it feel to be so wise
To see through eyes that only see what's real?

Elton John:

"From my point of view, I would ban religion completely. Organized religion doesn't seem to work. It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it's not really compassionate."


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