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Barak Obama

Obama Scandals List at 200

I remarked recently that my Obama scandals list had evoked much less interest than my Bush scandals list. The motivation for the two is the same to help us remember in the face of so much to remember and so many attempts to distract us and cause us to forget. The audience for the Obama list is much smaller since so much of the left remains co-opted and/or in denial about Obama and the Democrats. As with my Bush scandals list, some argued that not all of them were scandals or pertained directly to Bush. Read more about Obama Scandals List at 200

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For The Lost

This is for Joe. Whom I love, and respect, deeply, always.

This is the very first thing I learned about Barak Obama, back in the day. It's really simple. Maybe I'll be killed for saying this, but it's utterly and completely true. The first thing he did, on his road to becoming preznit? Take a guess. Heh, it's sort of funny, even. But the Big O's first executive decision? Let me tell you: firing a gay man. A black gay man. Who is taller than he is. Mon chere, and fellow employee, Claude. For being too gay. Read more about For The Lost

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Medicare-for-all doctors arrested outside Obama-GOP meeting


Single Payer Action

Two single payer doctors were arrested this morning outside the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel where President Obama was scheduled to speak to a retreat of House Republicans.

Dr. Margaret Flowers and Dr. Carol Paris were carrying a sign that said: Just Letting You Know: Medicare for All.

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What Dem Rules and Bylaws Chair Roosevelt Wanted In Health Care Reform


As we all know by now, Feingold, who endorsed Obama in the primary, is saying that the health care reform bill that is being presented in the senate, stripped of a real public option and an expanded Medicare, is exactly the bill Obama wanted. Don't blame Lieberman, he says. Read more about What Dem Rules and Bylaws Chair Roosevelt Wanted In Health Care Reform

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Hey, Ellen Tauscher; don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

If the door breaks, nobody out here can afford to get it fixed.

Hillary Clinton has picked BFF Ellen Tauscher to be the new Undersecretary of State for Arms Control, and Tauscher’s Fellow Traveler Barack Obama has agreed. Read more about Hey, Ellen Tauscher; don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!

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Moving Forward on Health Care

From my email inbox to you - and a job to be had in D.C., if you are interested:

Last week President Obama spoke to the nation and said he wants healthcare reform within a year! We do too. But we want it done the best way, the simple way, the economical way, the humane way - the HR 676 single-payer way! Read more about Moving Forward on Health Care

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The New Yorker Cover

The New Yorker and Hipster Racism, (what a great phrase, hipster racism, I will have to remember that).

With friends like these

Truly, it is really an offensive cover. It only thinks it is satirical. It reinforces serious lies and does great damage to our public discourse. Read more about The New Yorker Cover

Xan Returns, And Endorses Obama

[Welcome Sadly No readers. -- lambert]

I hate to intrude on the hate-fest, but just wanted to mention that there's another old, white, non-college-degreed, working class, oh did i mention white? vagina-American who's supporting Barak Obama in this primary.

Hi! (waves, big grin, track shoes firmly in place.)

If this is too shocking or offensive, somebody drop me an email when St. Hillary (sorry folks, I don't recognize the ineffable perfection being describe here) puffs up all full of satisfaction and pie and ascends bodily into Heaven, so we can get on with getting the candidate who, like, won the Democratic primary, into the White House. Read more about Xan Returns, And Endorses Obama

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Presidential Race


I can't seem to find a good link, but yesterday I was in the car and forced to listen to NPR, and they had a pollster on who talked about the Harold Ford loss in TN and the white vote. His point was that while in the polls, many white voters said they would vote for Ford or a black candidate in general, the election proved otherwise, and Harold's race was a major factor in his loss. I think it's important to realize that race is still an important consideration in elections, and that it will be the biggest negative factor for Obama. Read more about Presidential Race

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