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Insufferable Hype & Egotism: BOTH Lincoln’s & MLK’s Bibles?

I know what Lincoln and MLK will be doing on Obama’s inauguration day.

Rolling over in their graves.

I’ll once again be fighting the urge to vomit.

Obama’s cynicism, hypocrisy and egotism really are insufferable. One bible isn’t enough for the “wonder boy” -- and he is a boy in all his arrested emotional development.

He has to have both Lincoln’s and MLK’s bibles?

Methinks thou art selling thyself too pathetically and shamelessly hard, Barack! Read below the fold...

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The Fun Part About "Man-made" is that Any (Wo)man can Make It

Ho, ho, Correntians. I'm fairly sure I'm the first here to link to this. And galdurnit, don't tell me if I'm wrong, in the holiday spirit of Don't Ask Don't Tell. Baby Jeebus cries if you do. Even so, Haw! I love this kind of shit:
Read below the fold...

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Jesus is Going to Get Me a Job in Texas!

When I was a student, I took an argumentative writing class, and one of the essays I wrote had to do with this subject. Now it may surprise you, but I argued in favor of it.
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I Nap With My Ur-Nammu, But Still

I only do that because it's big and fluffy. Yack:

Most of the work presiding over chamber debate in the House and Senate is decidedly dull, following procedure and managing time on the floor, but every gaffe, cough and parliamentary ruling is caught live by the cameras of C-SPAN. Read below the fold...

Bible study for atheists

[Naomi posted on the identical topic one minute before I, myself, pressed the Submit button. Since the posts are otherwise quite different, I'm leaving them both up.]

VastLeft's project. In the first week, some exegesis of Genesis:

There are some curious gaps in the story. How do Adam and Eve know what dying is (Genesis 3:3)? Or what bread is (Genesis 3:19)? At the very least, those would have been interesting subplots.

Hmm.... Read below the fold...

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