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Blogroll Amnesty Day 2014

Skippy has kicked it off this year's BAD. My 2014 selections are here - what are yours? Read more about Blogroll Amnesty Day 2014

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Bloggers, shield laws and the journalists who don't get it

No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post

Last week an Oregon blogger named Crystal Cox had a $2.5 million defamation judgment issued against her. It was for posts she had written about investment firm Obsidian Finance Group and its co-founder Kevin Padrick; the case hinged on whether her allegations were factual or not. Padrick said they were defamatory, while Cox said they were factual but that because said facts had been leaked to her by an inside source she could not provide details. She then claimed she was protected by journalism shield laws allowing her to not name the source. Read more about Bloggers, shield laws and the journalists who don't get it

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The Non-Technical Guide to Posting Text, Images and YouTubes

Are you intimidated by the blank boxes that appear on screen when you click on Corrente's 'My Blog' link?

Does the mere sight of html make you want to curl up in the fetal position?

Are you low-tech and proud of it?

If you answered 'Yes!' to any of these questions, welcome to the club!! Anyone can join, even if you already know your way around the intertoobz. In fact, please do. Those of you who are snickering at a post on how to post may have some suggestions on how to improve what follows, and those are welcome, too. Read more about The Non-Technical Guide to Posting Text, Images and YouTubes

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What blogging about single payer has taught me about political blogging

When I first began to post about single payer in January 2008 I had naive hopes of raising the issue in the Presidential campaign. I thought if I linked to enough bloggers who posted about it, I could encourage more posting and build the online movement.

As we know the primaries did not work out that way and after the election HCAN't was created to siphon off progressive support away from Medicare for All.

When I first began to post I created Google News Alerts on single payer, Medicare for All, and HR 676. At first items came slowly, only once or twice a week. I had to search around for material to blog about. But the momentum continued to build. Read more about What blogging about single payer has taught me about political blogging

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Jeebus! Finally!

Oh, good Krist, this is wonderful Combined with this, I nearly fainted today, it's so nice to see this sort of thing. Stark is showing the Way, for those truly interested in being a New Media or whatever. It's so frakking simple. Read more about Jeebus! Finally!

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How Does Your Garden Grow? Pt. 1

I'm only able to write part one tonight, more later.
Gosh, Obama pissed me off today ["clean" internet users: skim down to the end for the non-DFH related point to this post].Yes, that's not new, and no news to this blog. Ironically, he did so on one of those verboten issues that "stains" bloggers like me just by their very mention: he giggled at the idea, put forth by lots of 'reglar' folks at one of his outreach websites/media tools, that marijuana normalization is Serious. Worse, he slurred the online political community in the process, furthering the meme that all of us who write, speak, read and think about policy with online tools are Dirty Fucking Hippies and Hopheads. You know, not like Real Americans, such as the Two Wetsuits Good guy, or Senator Diapers 'n' Hookers.

I guess I don't write about pot policy more because to me, it's beyond obvious. Everything that our government does with respect to pot is ass-backwards. It's racist, expensive, wasteful, hypocritical, stupid, anti-environmental, supportive of terrorism, and a lost cause. I assume that all thinking people more or less agree with me, or at least admit that research, science, the history of policy, and the example of other nations, pro and con, back that up. It annoys me how many "progressives" and liberals remain silent, in this period in which we make all the mistakes of alcohol prohibition, but more seriously and at greater cost. But such is the price of being a Loyalist- no Serious Democrat speaks about legalization, ever, nor of any kind. We've spent a lot of time talking about Big Problems like why the "bailout" plans are a horror; I'm going to spend a little time talking about why Obama's remarks today are a smaller scale version, but big example of the same problem.

How many reasons can you come up with, which suggest and prove that marijuana normalization is the right and proper course for a civilized society? Never mind me, Glennzilla will be speaking on this topic at CATO on the 16th of April; I'll let him throw down hard data and numbers for me. But just tossing off, let's see what I can come up with: Read more about How Does Your Garden Grow? Pt. 1

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Popularity, Friends, and Enemies in the New Era

I have to say: it's been rough. I've not been a member of the Oborg since before most people even knew he was running for office. For personal and private reasons based on my experience with him, and that of some friends. At the same time, I've not been as...vocal in my disappointment with him, his appointments and stated policy goals, as some; here, elsewhere. I feel like a DS9 fan at a B5 vs. BSG Con, some days. But I'm curious about what your experience has been like, since, say, the convention. Read more about Popularity, Friends, and Enemies in the New Era

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Daou's Online Revolution

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In Which I Formally Apologize to FrenchDoc

For a comment on her last post in which I used a deplorable word. I am sincerely and completely sorry. You don't have to forgive me. I have always appreciated your work. I'm sorry you won't be around often anymore. I don't have your email, so this will have to do by way of apologizing. I hope you read it someday. Read more about In Which I Formally Apologize to FrenchDoc

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Blogger Books

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On the Turning of the Season

Hey y'all. Sorry to be dark so much recently, but it's that time of year and I've been ramping up for Major Labor under the sun and stars. I want to build something like this, but prettier. That's my rub with growing houses- it's so spendy to make them look nice. I'm house-vain like that, I guess. Still, I don't want an ugly plastic shack on my lawn. At the same time, using recycled and reclaimed materials really appeals to me/my wallet. Read more about On the Turning of the Season

Now I can die happy

Because my work here is done. Technorati thinks we're on the A-list. [Sings: "We're on the A list!" (tune at left)]

A-List Blogger

Fuck ! Bookers, cable weasels, you may contact our agent by leaving a note with bartender "Geoff" at the wet bar in the Fellows Lounge. The password is "specimen jar."

And before I forget:

Hey, George! You out there? Read more about Now I can die happy

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DC Liveblogging and Me

So you've probably heard, I've relocated to DC out of the Midwest, and I've come into a financial situation that will allow me to do nothing but blogging for a time (love you grrrl!). Yesterday, I went to the Greenwald and Blumenthal event at CAP, and a reader questioned my liveblogged report. Well and good, let's get some things straight before I get too caught up in the muck here in our nation's cesspool. Read more about DC Liveblogging and Me

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For Those Who Avoid Hard Drugs

This is a really good substitute. This is a "for junkies only" blogging post, but seriously- someone explain to me how to write the virus that made this mess. And it's only over there, the rest of the helloscum universe seems to be working fine. Teach you to go to back to back conferences without feeding the pets, Duncan. Read more about For Those Who Avoid Hard Drugs


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