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Blogroll Amnesty Day

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Blogroll Amnesty Day 2012!

If you have your own blog, post your favorites and let us know! (History.) I've posted my 2012 entry here. Which lesser-trafficked blogs do you think deserve some link love? (B.A.D. Read more about Blogroll Amnesty Day 2012!

With Five You Get Blogroll

If we even hear that Skippy said "Jump!" we don't even bother to ask "How high?" And herewith, in celebration of Blogroll Amnesty Day, five good small blogs--where "small" means "fewer hits than The Mighty Corrente."

In no particular order:

1. The Field Negro.

2. Avedon. (Avedon was fewer hits than we do? How unjust is that?)

3. Mercury Rising. Read more about With Five You Get Blogroll

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