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UK anti-TTIP protests reflect urgent need in both US and UK for explicit "carve outs" in FTAs to protect the full health care policy space, including single payer, an NHS system or whatever is necessary to bring about real affordable health care

From euractiv comes an article about the uproar over NHS privatization.. which is being blotted out of the UK media...
UK anti-TTIP protests to focus on NHS privatisation.
I'm quoting it here:

“Locking in liberalisation laws”

But protestors are still worried that once a service is privately owned, it will become “extremely difficult” to renationalise it.

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Facebook to New Yorker: No Can Haz (Girl) Nipples!

Someone at Facebook temporarily banned New Yorker magazine for violating the "Nudity and Sex" standards. The problem: a cartoon that used two dots to represent female nipples.

The scandalous pencil dots are the subject of a follow-up blog post -- "Nipplegate" -- from the cartoon editor, a not-to-be missed gem. Read below the fold...

GOOGLE Censors Jill Stein Ad (DOES EVIL!)

This from the examiner:

Google says Stein used "inappropriate language" in the ad and thus nixed it for placement on Google TV. SEE VIDEO HERE

The naughty word in question is a time-honored reference to a certain kind of manure, a word used so frequently among the public it has since blended into American consciousness as one of our most natural expressions – especially during the political season.

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More info on Occupy Baltimore's Schools not Jails action

Great reporting from independent local outlet Baltimore Brew:

Occupy Baltimore – and media – booted from public sidewalk near youth jail site

Youth jail opponents meet state troopers, city police and a SWAT team on Martin Luther King's birthday.

There seemed to be two “enemies of the state” yesterday at the Occupy Baltimore protest against a planned juvenile detention center in East Baltimore.

One was the 75 protesters themselves, who were met by dozens of Maryland State Police, Baltimore City Police and SWAT team members in riot gear, armed with guns and batons.

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Routing around Big Internet

When the opposition to the radical Republican agenda in Wisconsin exploded over the winter, Russia Today highlighted a stark contrast in mainstream outlets: Attention and praise lavished on Arab Spring uprisings compared to an all-but-formally-declared news blackout in Madison. Read below the fold...

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San Francisco Shuts Down Cell Phone Service to Stop Non-Violent Protest

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) authorities jammed cell phone services at four stations Friday evening to prevent a non-violent protest for the fatal police shooting of Charles Blair Hill last month.

The protest did not take place, although it's not clear whether that was due to the lack of cell phone service. Read below the fold...

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Nice Knowing You: British Authorities May Censor Social Media

In an attempt to prevent protestors from communicating with one another, British politicians are looking at censoring BlackBerry, Twitter and Facebook.

The question, according to Prime Minister David Cameron, is whether government has the right to "stop people using social media to 'plot' further disorder."

Meanwhile, the police aren't waiting for Parliament to sort it out: Read below the fold...

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FDL Update: Entries Restored, Comments Still Disappeared

My last entry at FDL, which is the last because I've been banned, has been restored to visibility. As I pointed out in my previous entry, my account and diaries were flagged as spam and hidden from view. Read below the fold...

Now, they're coming after University professors

Shared Moment of Truth Oh One

Abbreviated version posted over at Oprah/Jenny McCarthy
To Nancy Snyderman/Re:Dateline show on alternative medicine

I was surprised that on the recent Dateline show regarding Suzanne Somers, you did not query in more detail the apologist for mainstream medicine when she went on critiquing "anecdotal" experiences with alternative medicine.

The word "anecdotal" was never used by industry scientists until the anti-pesticide activists began to make some headway. Once activists helped communities see to it that pesticide bans take effect, the industry came up with this notion of "anecdotal..." Read below the fold...

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Building the shadow Internet

No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post

The rise of Internet-enabled mobile devices has had some interesting consequences. On the face of it, smart phones and tablets are a boon. They allow people to access email and web sites anywhere, not just when tethered to a desktop. Laptops, with their greater bulk and relatively short battery life, have traditionally been business devices for those who need to work remotely. Read below the fold...

Leaving Firedoglake


[Welcome, FDL members! --lambert] Read below the fold...


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