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class war

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The Truth About the Confederacy


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Declare War On the Dems: Make The President Dismiss the Catfood Commission


I urge all Real Democrats to declare war on the Democratic Party and this Administration by

-- refusing all appeals for financial contributions to Democratic candidates,

-- refusing to do any work at all for the Party,

-- refusing to go to Party functions,

-- going to meetings held by Congresspersons and Senators and

-- demonstrating at the meetings against the President's Catfood Commission,

until he dismisses that Commission. Read more about Declare War On the Dems: Make The President Dismiss the Catfood Commission

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The Right Message on the Catfood Commission


[OK, I'm de-sticky-ing this at lets's implicit request. --lambert]

[I'm leaving this sticky for the super comments thread, where contirbutors are doing what the old school blogosphere excelled at -- before the access bloggers became meme laundries for D factions -- Honing the message. -- lambert]

The progressive counter-attack against the President's emerging “austerity” political strategy and program is beginning to emerge. In the last few days, we've seen posts by Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson of Social Security Works, Jane Hamsher, Robert Kuttner, and Dean Baker writing against the thrust by the Administration, the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and its network of related organizations, and the deficit hawks in the Congress, seemingly aimed at Social Security. These posts make or imply a number of points sometimes in the form of questions. They are:

-- The commission is unaccountable.

-- It meets in secret. Read more about The Right Message on the Catfood Commission

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Is Obama a Socialist?

Well, no.

But if he was, and a practical sort of Socialist at that, he might be saying things like this and saying them to Bill Moyers:

[special for Lambert] Read more about Is Obama a Socialist?

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Double Down on Dodd!


I already gave you plenty of reason to rage against Senator Chris Dodd the other day, after he tried to tell us he wouldn't listen to our very clear message... But now, courtesy of CaptCT, I can give you a million reasons to double down on this industry shill:

Jackie M. Clegg Dodd serves on the board of health care, pharmaceutical, and financial services companies.

Here's a list:

Director , Brookdale Senior Living Incorporated
Brentwood , TN
Sector: HEALTHCARE / Long-Term Care Facilities

Director , Cardiome Pharma Corporation
Vancouver, B.C. , CN

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Is It Safe?

Hoss makes a good point about this utterly devastating critique from Digby on yet another shitstain excuse for a piece of journalism, but I'd like to make a gooder point, if I may. I actually suffered to read Nooner's entire article, and what struck me was the completely self-absorbed tone and perspective she employed. Read more about Is It Safe?

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CBS, CNN, $$$, & Bush: How Dan Rather, and we, got shafted


CBS owned 41% of broadcast media, in clear violation of Federal law, in 2000. CNN sat at the crossroads of a merger AOL and Time Warner wanted, for profits; but the Clinton FTC didn't let it happen. Along comes W, promising less regulation, and the stage was set. Suddenly all the media had a bottom-line motive for scuttling any political opponent of W. Not just "mainstream media" but the ENTIRE news industry: W promised them PROFIT$. Read more about CBS, CNN, $$$, & Bush: How Dan Rather, and we, got shafted

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FutureShock from the South

America, that is. Let's see, I think this blurb has it all. Tell me this doesn't sound strangely like someplace you know, fast foward a few years:

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