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class warfare

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Where's the Military Equipment to Deal with Santacon NYC 2014?

Throngs of frat people dressed in Santa Claus costumes have the run of the roads (yes, where the cars drive) in New York City. Read below the fold...

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WTF CALPERS and Private Equity?!

The mammoth public pension fund has raised the level of its allowed investments in private equity from 10% to 15%. (PEU Report)

So millions upon millions more of hard earned wage-worker dollars are - Voila - funneled to Blackstone, Carlyle and Apollo, mammoth players of the Gargantuan Wage-Looting Scheme private equity (formerly more accurately known as "asset stripping"). Read below the fold...

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Citi Bike NYC (ALTA) Looting Customers Via "Late" Fees

NY Post. Since it began 2 years ago Citi-Bike, the privatized bike-sharing program given by Ex-Mayor-for-Life "Mike" Bloomberg to the Canadian Alta company, has racked up $4 Million (!) dollars in "late" fees.

Citi-Bike had early on proven itself to be an operational #FAIL in the classic manner of neo-liberal enterprise (We Deliver the Most Craptastic Services!) early on, with docks not working, bikes being broken or unavailable, etc. Read below the fold...

Ferguson, Front Line of Anti-Constitution & Class Warfare

Ferguson, Missouri has been turned into a war zone.

The police use inappropriate force, such as tear gas and rubber bullets, to overwhelm and intimidate residents who are legitimately protesting a police murder of a fellow, unarmed resident.

There is also a “keep moving” rule constantly imposed on residents and journalists on the sidewalks of Ferguson. It is not a real law but nevertheless was and still is constantly spouted by the police. This “rule” is anti the First Amendment and now being challenged by the ACLU. Read below the fold...

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John Carley is a horrible human being (Hamptons edition)

Lackey to the Point-Oh-One Percenters attorney John Carley (his wife is ABC Anchor Pia Lindstrom, daughter of Ingrid Bergman) owns a summer house in Watermill, in South Hampton. Also in Watermill, and year-round, there is a Sisters of Mercy Convent. In July 2012 Sister of Mercy Jacqueline Walsh was killed in a hit and run while walking near the convent at the intersection of Rose Hill Road and Montauk Highway. Read below the fold...

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Meritocracy Neo Liberal Democrat Style: DeBlasio's Kids

Daddy's mayor now so, voila, we get unpaid internships at City Hall!

But it's just for a month! And unpaid, so the Conflicts of Interest Board grants a waiver ~ double voila! Because: "the teens are not getting paid, will not have decision-making power and will only work for a month." [Isn't this the definition of an unpaid summer internship?]

Also, no shame: Read below the fold...

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Obama Caved to Trumka on ObamaCare

No $63 'surcharge' per insured for "certain self insured plans" -- aka Taft Hartley union plans. (*)

As Lambert said, blackmail works, see e.g., Latinos, LGBT, and now Labor. It works like a charm. Except this time Obama had to pretend in public that he wasn't going to pay the blood money but "quietly" did so outside of public view. Read below the fold...

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Big Banks Trying To Crush Credit Unions -- But, but OWS "just fizzled"?!

By Scott Martelle, via Truthdig -- (and via Jesse's Cafe's Matieres a Reflection).

Lobbying to strip Credit Unions of nonprofit status which gives CU's an "unfair advantage." I guess that's just too much competition for JPM, City, Goldman (a "bank" for purposes of Fed Window and AIG-Backdoor Bailouts), BoFA, Wells Fargo. Read below the fold...

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Six Cops Arrest Woman at Home on Unpaid Parking Ticket

... that she had paid 6 months earlier (1 month after she got it). Somehow this went unnoticed, a warrant isseud and SIX (6) NYPD cops banged on her door at 8am. She was then held in a stinking hot cell for 15 hours until a judge, at 11:00 pm, dismissed the summons (without comment!). The woman is law-abiding, but an African American in Commissioner Kelly's thuggish police state.

Arresting demonstrably innocent people (on a parking citation summons, no less) is the new "policing" -- The Compliance State. Read below the fold...

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Squalor Housing for the 99.9% - "Micro-Apartments"

This is a must read report on Third Way Squalor Policy that is very much upon and among us -- especially in cities (where I suppose impoverished suburban poors will have to flock eventually.) Read below the fold...

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The Betrayer Obama Goes Public With his War on Americans

Huffington Post Article has 16,135 comments as of now. Read below the fold...

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State Minimum Wage Suppression Laws -- ALEC's new one

It's wonderful to hear Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Obama and all those great "folks" using their respective bully pulpits to condemn this or (god forbid) to make sure it does not happen. Even sweeter is the roaring choir of the AFL-CIO, SEIU, ASFME, et al. in opposition to all this. Read below the fold...

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CEO Group Catfood Manifesto

Business Roundtable CEOs announce their proposal to impose Austerity "fix the debt." This is grotesque.

(1) push eligibility age to 70 (SSI and Medicare)
(2) chained CPI
(3) some vague "means testing" for "some people"
(4) a goody for private health insurers (not again!): they get to compete with Medicare. Read below the fold...

Someone 'should' do this

Saw 'The Madwoman of Chailliot' 'The Madwoman of Chailliot' last night and wish I had the graphics skills to lift the 'trial' SOLILOQUY(2nd MerriWeb definition) performed by Danny Kaye as the 'ragpicker' from the film and then substitute Romney for Danny Kaye in the graphic.
It is truly a perfect riposte to the Repub's rant about 'success' and 'business' and the last summation by Kaye is 'on point'(legalistic term meaning "Directly applicable or dispositive of the matter under consideration")

And I don't think doing such would encounter any copyright hassles as such would be considered sarcastic commentary of a parody. Read below the fold...



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