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class warfare

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Obama Caved to Trumka on ObamaCare

No $63 'surcharge' per insured for "certain self insured plans" -- aka Taft Hartley union plans. (*)

As Lambert said, blackmail works, see e.g., Latinos, LGBT, and now Labor. It works like a charm. Except this time Obama had to pretend in public that he wasn't going to pay the blood money but "quietly" did so outside of public view. Read below the fold...

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Big Banks Trying To Crush Credit Unions -- But, but OWS "just fizzled"?!

By Scott Martelle, via Truthdig -- (and via Jesse's Cafe's Matieres a Reflection).

Lobbying to strip Credit Unions of nonprofit status which gives CU's an "unfair advantage." I guess that's just too much competition for JPM, City, Goldman (a "bank" for purposes of Fed Window and AIG-Backdoor Bailouts), BoFA, Wells Fargo. Read below the fold...

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Six Cops Arrest Woman at Home on Unpaid Parking Ticket

... that she had paid 6 months earlier (1 month after she got it). Somehow this went unnoticed, a warrant isseud and SIX (6) NYPD cops banged on her door at 8am. She was then held in a stinking hot cell for 15 hours until a judge, at 11:00 pm, dismissed the summons (without comment!). The woman is law-abiding, but an African American in Commissioner Kelly's thuggish police state.

Arresting demonstrably innocent people (on a parking citation summons, no less) is the new "policing" -- The Compliance State. Read below the fold...

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Squalor Housing for the 99.9% - "Micro-Apartments"

This is a must read report on Third Way Squalor Policy that is very much upon and among us -- especially in cities (where I suppose impoverished suburban poors will have to flock eventually.) Read below the fold...

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The Betrayer Obama Goes Public With his War on Americans

Huffington Post Article has 16,135 comments as of now. Read below the fold...

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State Minimum Wage Suppression Laws -- ALEC's new one

It's wonderful to hear Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Obama and all those great "folks" using their respective bully pulpits to condemn this or (god forbid) to make sure it does not happen. Even sweeter is the roaring choir of the AFL-CIO, SEIU, ASFME, et al. in opposition to all this. Read below the fold...

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CEO Group Catfood Manifesto

Business Roundtable CEOs announce their proposal to impose Austerity "fix the debt." This is grotesque.

(1) push eligibility age to 70 (SSI and Medicare)
(2) chained CPI
(3) some vague "means testing" for "some people"
(4) a goody for private health insurers (not again!): they get to compete with Medicare. Read below the fold...

Someone 'should' do this

Saw 'The Madwoman of Chailliot' 'The Madwoman of Chailliot' last night and wish I had the graphics skills to lift the 'trial' SOLILOQUY(2nd MerriWeb definition) performed by Danny Kaye as the 'ragpicker' from the film and then substitute Romney for Danny Kaye in the graphic.
It is truly a perfect riposte to the Repub's rant about 'success' and 'business' and the last summation by Kaye is 'on point'(legalistic term meaning "Directly applicable or dispositive of the matter under consideration")

And I don't think doing such would encounter any copyright hassles as such would be considered sarcastic commentary of a parody. Read below the fold...




(Cross posted at The Montana Maven )
Newt Gingrich suggested that perhaps a good idea for poor highschoolers would be to work as the janitors in their high school in their off hours which would "be a way to instill a work ethic while also saving money". A lot of liberals jumped on him for this screaming, "That's an awful idea. That is child labor and it's racist to boot."

Well, it sounds racist. But most of all it sounds stupid and way out of touch with the lives of regular Americans. So it's not only racist, but it's elitist. Read below the fold...

Grappling with Graeber Pt 1 - The War on Imagination

Between 2004 and 2010, David Graeber wrote a series of essays that were compiled under the title “Revolutions in Reverse: Essays on Politics, Violence, Art, and Imagination”. Graeber grapples with the seeming implosion of capitalism in the first decade of the 21st Century in these essays and the confusion that many in the anti-globalization movement felt after 9/11, but also some unexpected victories. "Revolutions in Reverse". Read below the fold...

The 99% and Two Americas

Chris Cillizza wrote a piece on October 17 in The Washington Post called "What John Edwards Can Teach Barack Obama"
Cillizza compares the message of the "Two Americas" to "We are the 99%" i.e. that there is one America for the privileged with their lobbyists and influence and another America for the rest of us. He suggests that Barack Obama take a look at this Edwards' theme. He also admits that Obama is not a natural populist and so donning this message might indeed turn out to be an ill fitting suit making the wearer look a bit comical. Read below the fold...

Occupy USA Monopoly board by Zero Hedge

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Draft Declaration of #OccupySacramento


Crossposted from Ché (What You Call Your) Pasa with original material from

WORKING DRAFT – Declaration of the Occupation of Sacramento
Posted on October 8, 2011 by junio.april

What We (“Occupiers”) Are For and Against

We believe: America and America’s system of government is rightly founded upon a simple ideal: that the purpose of government ought to be maintaining both liberty and justice for all.

Read below the fold...

Is This the Start of the Century of "We"?

I read a statement years ago that the 20th Century was the century of Freud. And with any luck, the 21st Century would be the century of Jung. Not sure who said it but it really resonated with me. My take on Jung was that he emphasized the idea that we are all a part of a whole, with each of us having individual gifts contributing to that whole. When we look at another, we see ourselves. In the BBC documentary “The Century of the Self”, Adam Curtis explores the use of Freud’s theories to direct people away from a communal way of thinking and into rampant mirror-gazing. Read below the fold...


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