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Clinton Advisers Who Set Up Deregulation/US Economic Crash


Dan Roberts in “Wall Street Deregulation Pushed by Clinton Advisers, Documents Reveal” provides some compelling revelations from 7000 pages of documents withheld from public scrutiny by the Presidential Records Act for twelve years and now destined for the Clinton Library research room.

America’s banking crisis of 2007 was set up by dramatic deregulation during the Clinton presidency in the late 1990s. Read below the fold...

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My Cautionary Tale about Free Trade Agreements, Healthcare, Presidents, Parties and Lying. Is Everything We've Been Told, Wrong?


[Stickying this because it's important! --lambert]

I'm going to try to write a short piece about a really horrible disconnection that has occurred between the politicians who run the country and its people. The conflict of interest between free trade agreements and the special interests and politicians that enable them, and affordable healthcare. It threatens our country's future and democracy.

Over the last week in several comment threads I've pointed folks to the Nick Skala paper "The potential impact of the World Trade Organization's General Agreement on Trade in Services on health system reform and regulation in the United States" which I think explains a lot that needs to be known in the US about the goals and amoral value system of the so called "free trade agreements". Read below the fold...

Sirota: ‘Liberal Washing’ -- the Enabling of Plutocratic Exploitation


I read an exciting article by David Sirota recently entitled “How the 1 Percent Always Gets Its Way”.

Sirota’s answer for that is simple. BOTH legacy parties are “up for sale.”

I figure MSNBC and others of Team Dem are doing a more than adequate job inventorying and calling out the lack of empathy and the greed of the rabid leadership of the Republican party. Read below the fold...

Resurrecting Brooksley Born Saga (Cuz Econ. Abuse Continues)


Kevin Zeese addresses the unfriendly to ordinary citizens end-of-2012 "fiscal deal" from Obama and Congress and the further challenges to come.

"... Congress passed a watered down fiscal cliff package that will raise taxes on everyone, but the worst is yet to come, and this “deficit cutting” measure contains some surprises.


"... Obama has been laying the ground work to cut social insurances since 2010.

Read below the fold...

The Scope & Intensity of Anti-Americanism

Protests at US embassies are occurring throughout the Middle East and beyond. Four days thus far and counting.

Over a dozen deaths and hundreds of injuries.

The triggering catalyst was an ugly anti-Islamic video posted on YouTube but Bill Van Auken of wsws explains something even the most obtuse American should know by now, “underlying them [the upheavals] is deep-seated anger over the wars and oppression inflicted by American imperialism over the decades.” Read below the fold...

Brooksley Born's LONE Futile Fight w/Greenspan Fraudsters


Re-POST from 4-8-10

Citigroup's Rubin's and Prince's "Duh" testimony in Congress about the financial crisis! So, sorry, America. We had no idea. Is that as good as the accountability gets?

Time to resurrect the story of Brooksley Born this week and try to sustain in our memory how clearly it indicts these masters of the universe who have gang-raped Americans of their financial security. The truth of Born's story won't be highlighted with any help from a corporate-loving media, unfortunately, or a Congress that colluded with the financial clique headed by Greenspan that "killed" messenger Born's message OVER A DECADE AGO. Read below the fold...

Good News, Zelaya Returning to Honduras; Bad News, Coup Oligarchs Continue Human Rights Abuses


(528 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

Dana Frank reports that 70 members of the US Congress are calling for suspension of U.S. military and police aid to Honduras because of how, especially in the last two months, there has been a serious acceleration of government repression.

Frank also reports that ousted President Zelaya will be allowed to return to the country: Read below the fold...

The Libyan Fiasco: "Neo-Colonialism with a Facelift" says Pepe Escobar

(586 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

Pepe Escobar of Asia Times has been analyzing closely the Libyan War or, as he corrects himself per the White House, a "time-limited, scope-limited military action.”

On the Libyan Rebels' Military Commander:

And what about the INC's new military commander, Khalifa Hifter - a former Libyan army colonel who spent nearly 20 years in Vienna, Virginia, not far from the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley? Progressives will love to learn that the romantic "rebels" are now led by a CIA asset.

On the Rebel Coalition: Read below the fold...

Thoughts on the History of the Current Crisis


Most of us who write on the economic history of our economic woes do indeed begin with Carter. We tend to cut him some slack, probably more than we should, because he was dealing with a bad recession and some temporary pro-business legislation during such a period would not be unusual and might even be useful. The problem is that when the recession went away these measures didn't. By then Reagan was President and voodoo supply side/trickle down economics was all the rage. Bush I was a continuation of the trends begun under Reagan. Read below the fold...

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Rumormongering the Cabinet Appointments? (yes, I know) is reporting that Tom Daschle is up for Health and Human Services.

Obama may not pick Kerry for SoS but Congress (ok, Harry Reid) lines up to give Kerry a consolation prize. Read below the fold...

On Faux, and Genuine, "Feminist/Womanist Perspectives"

Two weeks ago, OpenLeft initiated an effort to “diversify its front page” by publishing a series of posts which it described as being on the topic feminist and womanist perspectives on Hillary Clinton's withdrawal from the race -- and why this matters to progressives. After an excellent start with a post by Melissa McEwan, the experiment has failed. Read below the fold...

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Democrats definition of level playing field


We were told that most people are not against a woman becoming president - just not "that" woman, Hillary Clinton, and this is seen as OK - a choice.

Yet when many people express the opinion that they are not against a black becoming president - just not "that" black, Brack Obama, this is pounced on - as racist.

Obama and most Democrats/Liberals used to be very critical of Bush's throwing out any part of the Constitution he wanted to that did not serve his political purposes.

Yet BO had no problem with throwing the FOURTH AMENDMENT under the bus, and except for a few strong, intelligent supporters, most swallowed hard and found excuse after excuse for his treating the Constitution just like Bush - especially the MSM. Read below the fold...

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Mocking Maureen Dowd Gives Me Deep and Lasting Joy

Environmentalists, social activists, feminists, atheists, political junkies... our modern Swifts and Voltaires. George Carlin blended anger and satire to blissful perfection, Grist Magazine is doing it for environmentalism, and Melissa McEwan does it for sexism and racism at Shakesville.

As the Obama euphoria fades, expect much more of this, from 23/6:

The Reader's Guide to Maureen Dowd Read below the fold...


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