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Harry Shearer interviews Yves Smith: Corporate Pillage Part 1 - secret "worst of both worlds" trade agreement negotiations


Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism spent the hour with Harry Shearer on Sunday's Le Show. In the first half of the program they discussed the new international trade agreements being worked up in secret. Corporations are invited; guess what, congresspeople and you and I are not. In the second half, she takes apart JP Morgan Chase's "screaming deal" $13 billion settlement.

Yves blogs about the interview here, Your Humble Blogger Discusses the Pending Trade Deals and JP Morgan on Le Show!

Listen to the podcast here. Transcript for the first half below fold. Read below the fold...

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Transcript: Lawrence Lessig on "Aaron's Laws - Law and Justice in a Digital Age"

[The Unknown Transcriber has done a --- oh, heck, I can't use "superlative" any more -- stunningly excellent job transcribing this [applause]. I especially like how Lessig contextualizes Swartz's death as a consequence of corruption. It's all about the rents, baby! --lambert]

This is the full transcript of the "Aaron's Laws" talk given by Lawrence Lessig at Harvard on February 19. A good summary, by Harvard second-year law student Eric Rice, of the talk is here.

Outline of talk:

(1) Aaron
(2) Aaron's works – B©, ©, A©
(3) As a citizen
(4) The "crime"
(5) Godzilla meets Jefferson and Thoreau
(6) Aaron's laws
Closing: Aaron and us

Audience Q&A
#1 - The arrest, MIT and Secret Service, and Abelson report?
#2 - What to do about prosecutorial overreach, especially for those who don't have Aaron's connections?
#3 - Easy for lawyers to make things worse, how to make things better?
#4 - MIT Office of General Counsel running things, not educators? Lawyers huge part of the problem?
#5 - Aaron's third law – how to clean up campaign financing?

Read below the fold...
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Universal Gorilla Pimps the Net

So Universal is now herding the sheep toward the gate. In a move that has proved questionable, Universal has signed a deal with YouTube for distribution of content while simultaneously launching an attack against its competitors – oligarchs of the world unite! Read below the fold...

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