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Darcy Burner

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The (presumed) death of "public option" leads to belated moments of clarity

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This is your brain NOT on frim-fram sauce.

Once the assumption is made that the symbolic fetish object known as "public option" is off the table, suddenly the critical faculties come back (after a fashion).

One starts asking fundamental questions, instead of dodging them at all costs. Read below the fold...

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Go Darcy!

Darcy is One of Us. So it's nice to start my Friday with this bit of excellent news, which must mean even more to her since the destruction of her home in a fire. Way to go, netroots! HA
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I signed

Allow me to feel a little pride over having taken quite a few arrows in the Disgruntled Democrats Room of the Mighty Corrente Building for being a cheerleader for Darcy Burner's "more and better Democrats" agenda.

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