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4th of July -- Worth Celebrating if You’re an Ostrich!

Ready to salute the flag and glorify US militarism?

Ready to celebrate how the original 13 colonies declared independence from King George of England on behalf of civil independence for the collective citizenry when we as a citizenry no longer have power over the sociopathic and heartless policies of our government that reward wealthy fraudsters at home and abroad and let the rest of us Americans twist in the winds of poverty, joblessness, non- or under-insured illnesses, debt, aborted educational opportunities, homelessness, etc.? Read more about 4th of July -- Worth Celebrating if You’re an Ostrich!

Beyond Vomiting, Obama/Dem Fascism

No Good Deed Goes Un-Sued


Remember the two sisters who blew the whistle on State Farm Insurance's diligent attempts to get out of paying policyholders what they were due from Katrina damage?

Yup. They're being sued. For "violating the Alabama Trade Secrets Act and breaching confidentiality agreements with the company." Also known as

"br[eaking] the law when they turned over reams of internal State Farm records to attorney Richard "Dickie" Scruggs.
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