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disaster capitalism

EBOLA Crisis Dooming Legacy of West's Capitalism/Imperialism


So far there has been only a relatively tiny amount of international aid to combat the profoundly dangerous Ebola epidemic. There have only been a few hundred international volunteer doctors and nurses, many of whom are now dead or who have withdrawn to avoid infection. Read more about EBOLA Crisis Dooming Legacy of West's Capitalism/Imperialism

France/US Score Big in Mali: 'Immense Human Suffering'

Bill Van Auken reminds us that the US-French intervention in Mali has been touted as “humanitarian”, “aimed at rescuing Malian people from Islamists.” He declares, “the reality is that the war has unleashed immense human suffering.”

Van Auken: Read more about France/US Score Big in Mali: 'Immense Human Suffering'

Predatory US Veils ‘Disaster Capitalism’ w/ ‘War on Terror'

US drones are destroying many “collateral damage” civilians in Yemen and thus inspiring more and more Yemenis to bitterly and momentously side with Al-Qaeda against the US. Declares Glenn Greenwald, the droning is not only amoral but strategically STUPID. Read more about Predatory US Veils ‘Disaster Capitalism’ w/ ‘War on Terror'

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Debt ceiling follies

Marshall Auerbach

Pat Toomey has called the Democrats’ bluff by indicating that a failure to extend the debt ceiling does not automatically mean a default. He is making the point that because debt payments are an executive priority, and tax receipts are more than sufficient for interest payments, the government can continue to make them to bondholders. It will simply mean shutting down other parts of the government to offset those payments.

The obvious thing to do would be to shut down the Congressional payroll to show these blowhards that there are consequences for their misconduct. Read more about Debt ceiling follies

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Versailles' budget policy

b. commenting at Ian Welsh:

We let them die over here so that we can kill them over there.
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Michelle Rhee, queen of projection


The Washington Teacher

In Fast Company's February magazine issue, Chancellor Rhee is quoted as saying that DC teachers were laid off because they hit children, had sex with children and missed 78 days of work. I am starting to get a 'brain cramp' from all of Rhee's variations of the truth about the real reason why DC teachers were laid off on November 2, 2009.

Obviously Rhee is just trying to distract from her own history as an accessory to child molestation. Read more about Michelle Rhee, queen of projection

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Education deform in black and white


Jonetta Rose Barras reports on Rhee's decision to replace the popular principal at Hardy Middle School.

DCPS needs a demographic adjustment. It needs more whites. Rhee has denied race or class factored into her thinking. That denial is hard to swallow, since most of Hardy's critics are white and from upscale Palisades.

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Politics is a dirty word for democracy


Susie and Atrios have both cried foul on this:

WASHINGTON — Faced with anxiety in financial markets about the huge federal deficit and the potential for it to become an electoral liability for Democrats, the White House and Congressional leaders are weighing options for narrowing the gap, including a bipartisan commission that could force tax increases and spending cuts.

This is disaster capitalism:

step one, pervert the financial system into a kleptocracy, steal everything in sight

step two, use the inevitable crisis as a way of destroying democracy and steal what is left Read more about Politics is a dirty word for democracy

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The Charter School Kleptocracy


Charter schools and the attack on public education

According to U.S. Census data, well over $800 billion is spent on education, public and private, at all levels in the United States each year.20 This makes it roughly the same size as the U.S. trade deficit with China. The private sector wants to get its hands on this money. Along with politicians, it is determined to break the power of the teachers’ unions and to attack one of the last bastions of decently paid American workers. The budget problems resulting from the current recession will provide them cover in doing this.

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SEC: Fair Market Value might be "disorderly" or cause liquidity problems

SEC Loosens Accounting Rule Banks Blame for Crisis

The standard, also known as "mark to market," has led portfolios to plunge in recent months as banks affixed fire sale prices to their assets, a move that sometimes required them to raise still more capital to meet regulatory requirements. The measure also led to clashes between corporate executives and independent auditors over how low the markdowns should be forced to dip.

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Privatization of the New Orleans Public Schools

Long-troubled Douglass High could lose its identity

Many Douglass supporters accept that some high schools should move to more state-of-the-art buildings, but they argue the disappearance of Douglass' program altogether would mark the loss of an institution that has stood as a symbol of community resilience in the 9th Ward for decades.

Nantrell Malveo, a 2008 graduate, compared her experience at Douglass favorably to her time at a Jefferson Parish school generally considered to be better.

"I learned more at the run-down school (Douglass) because I could relate to it, and it taught me to fight for what mattered," Malveo said.

Reading Shock Doctrine - 1

I went to the Mall yesterday and bought a copy of Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. It only took my an entire afternoon via public transportation, since, of course, buses run every hour, I suppose not to impede the tens of thousands of cars using the public roads. And the mall 1. doesn't even have any fucking sidewalks! Read more about Reading Shock Doctrine - 1

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