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CEO Group Catfood Manifesto

Business Roundtable CEOs announce their proposal to impose Austerity "fix the debt." This is grotesque.

(1) push eligibility age to 70 (SSI and Medicare)
(2) chained CPI
(3) some vague "means testing" for "some people"
(4) a goody for private health insurers (not again!): they get to compete with Medicare. Read more about CEO Group Catfood Manifesto

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Doubling down on environmental destruction

Oil industry launches big election PR push

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The oil industry launched a nationwide campaign titled "Vote 4 Energy" Wednesday, a day after the Iowa caucus set the stage for the 2012 presidential election.

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Open letter to Democrats on Capitol Hill, TURN OFF THE DAMN TV!!!

I have been watching more cable TV news recently and it is MUCH worse than I expected. It is Soviet, no, scratch that, it is like radio Rwanda. It is amazing there isn't more violence in this country.

One of the reasons our leadersheep internalize every lie that is told is that they all, elected and staff, watch the news every waking hour. In every office on Capitol Hill TVs are turned on to Cable Nonsense Noise. It just isn't necessary and actually gets in the way of understanding what is going on. Read more about Open letter to Democrats on Capitol Hill, TURN OFF THE DAMN TV!!!

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CQ politics makes stuff up

Alex Wayne

A coalition of liberal advocacy groups and labor unions is trying to breathe new life into the idea of a European-style “single-payer” health system in the United States, a concept thought discredited after the collapse of President Bill Clinton’s attempt at overhauling the health care system.

European countries either have socialized medicine or tightly regulated non-profit insurance systems with employers required to pay health insurance.

CANADA has single payer. Read more about CQ politics makes stuff up

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Boston Globe on single payer: Who do you gonna believe? Us, or your lying eyes?

Today's Boston Globe carried a piece of corporate propaganda entitled Lobbies backing health reforms: Insurers change their tune from 1993-94 debate. Rather than deconstruct it line by line, I will just say what is conspicuous by its absence: any mention of single payer. Read more about Boston Globe on single payer: Who do you gonna believe? Us, or your lying eyes?

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More typical behavior from the Bush Administration


More typical behavior from the Bush Administration.

In retaliation for Scott McClellan's new saucy tell all book, which he is now pimping*.

I like this part.

Fox News contributor and former White House adviser Karl Rove said on that network Tuesday that the excerpts from the book he's read sound more like they were written by a "left-wing logger" than his former colleague.

Messengers. They shoot them.

"They're saying some of the exact same things about McClellan they said about me."

-- Richard Clarke, former White House counterterrorism chief. (emphasis added) Read more about More typical behavior from the Bush Administration

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It's Hard Out There for an Editor: LAT Axes O'Shae

Another one bites the dust.

GELES (AP) -- The Los Angeles Times fired its top editor after he rejected a management order to cut $4 million from the newsroom budget, 14 months after his predecessor was also ousted in a budget dispute, the newspaper said Sunday.

James O'Shea was fired following a confrontation with Publisher David D. Hiller, the Times reported on its Web site. The story didn't say when the confrontation took place.

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Deep Thought of the Day

It's very "funny," and worth regular and front page blog posts on "liberal" blogs, to talk about Republican candidates who come in last, next to last, or nearly last. These same candidates get all kinds of free coverage from the media outlets the liberal blogosphere is supposed to "balance." They also have plenty of money to purchase their own ads, money raised from rich people and big corporations and the avowed enemies of the liberal blogosphere. Read more about Deep Thought of the Day

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Killing Bloggers: At Least We're Not in China

Seriously, I am so sorry to hear about this. Anyone who has details about his blog, I'd appreciate hearing them.

(CNN) -- Authorities have fired an official in central China after city inspectors beat to death a man who filmed their confrontation with villagers, China's Xinhua news agency reports.

The killing has sparked outrage in China, with thousands expressing outrage in Chinese Internet chat rooms, often the only outlet for public criticism of the government.

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Postal Rate Hike on Small Publications: Some Thoughts

Don't you just love it when Republicans speak of death, destruction, and destitution as a "win-win" situation? They're so good at it, it just comes naturally to them. The important point of the MJ story:
Read more about Postal Rate Hike on Small Publications: Some Thoughts

Timeline of Bush gaslighting in 2004


Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse. It uses persistent denials of fact which, as they build up over time, make the victim progressively anxious, confused, and less able to trust his or her own memory and perception. A variation of gaslighting, used as a form of harassment, is to subtly alter aspects of a victim's environment, thereby upsetting his or her peace of mind, sense of security, etc.

WaPo helps Libby defense team try for jury tampering

Republicans are such crooks:

From Brent Budowsky
February 18, 2007
To: Robert Kaiser, Washington Post

Mr. Kaiser, I am forwarding below the note I wrote to Messrs. Graham and Hiatt about Outlook's Victoria Toensing piece today.

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New Lows in Hacktackularity from the WaPo

Seriously. This is an outstanding example of why the WaPo is worthy of lining your birdcage and wrapping your fish. Get ready for this: Anti War crowd guilty of 'Hindsight Bias.'
Read more about New Lows in Hacktackularity from the WaPo

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