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Just In Time For Christmas--A Moving Story Of "Extraordinary Recovery--And Resilience" [Video]

[Video Credit: Eldad Hagar, Hope For Paws, Homeless Dog Rescued From Trash Heap . . ., YouTube, 04:35 Minutes]

I think this video pretty much says it all.

"Man's Best Friend, Indeed!"

Here's the story from the "Good News Section" of The Huffington Post.

Left To Die In A Trash Heap, Abandoned Dog Gets Remarkable Second Chance

Thank you Hope for Paws!

[Please consider Tweeting or Facebooking this video. It might help this worthy organization raise funds. Thanks.] Read below the fold...

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"Comic Relief" for Dog (and Pet) Lovers


Video Credit: Husky Dog Talking - "I love you," gardea23, YouTube

Yeah, I know. This is probably one of the "silliest" videos you'll ever find on YouTube. That's a given.

But as an 'avid' dog lover, I have to admit that this clip of Mishka always brings a smile to my face, when I'm really feeling low or discouraged.

Hope it does the same for you . . . Read below the fold...

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A Little Help for Pet Lovers, Updated


Did you know you may be able to buy your pet medications at a local pharmacy at way lower prices than the veterinarian? I did not, but the local supermarket pharmacy (part of the Kroger chain) put out flyers about it, so I asked the vet for a prescription for Scout's pain relievers (that's Scout, above). The vet charges $200 a month for her 50 mg Tramadol. The price at the pharmacy: $16! Read below the fold...

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Petidote of the Day 2012-08-31

Dogs are helping veterans with PTSD heal more effectively than medication.

Veterans, of course, aren't the only people suffering from PTSD. Anyone who has experienced an event that was traumatic for that person -- very much a subjective definition -- can end up with PTSD, and it can be challenging to treat. Read below the fold...

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Petidote of the Day 2012-07-27

kitty with toy

Animals with Stuffed Animals

My son's friends have a Tumblr page called "Animals with Stuffed Animals" , which has to be one of the best time wasters on the intertoobs. You can overdose on cute there in under a minute, easy! See what I mean: Read below the fold...

In memoriam: Koa


Koa the wonder dog passed away peacefully at the vets office this morning. He was 11 years old. He'll be missed.

Koa Read below the fold...

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Mountain Oysters and Blue Hairs for Money!

Would you pay $2 for that plant?
The following pic is potentially NSFW, you've been warned.

2010_07220001 Read below the fold...

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Pit Bulls speak out about Palin

Pit Bull Peeps to Would-Be Veep: Leave Our Breed Out of It!

Oddly, the McCain Campaign's response to a request for comment was "Gov. Palin does in fact have one thing in common with a pitbull: neither is capable of answering questions from reporters." Doesn't seem like something they'd be proud of.

Has any reporter ever attempted to interview a Pit Bull? I suspect Daddy, Ceser Milan's famous Pit Bull would be willing to do a press conference. Read below the fold...

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My Day With Chauncy

Chauncy, a Dog and My Friend

I took Chauncy for a walk this afternoon. We went down to the L.A. River and walked along its upper bank. He peed, I pondered, he shit, I scooped it up in a plastic bag. Friends do things like that for one another, and for the river as well. Read below the fold...

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