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Politics of Crony-Cowardism Landslides Politics of Courage!

“All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender. For it is all give and no take.” Gandhi

The majority of American voters compromised on fundamentals on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. They returned Obama to the seat of presidential power.

The Obama machine even managed to get Daniel Ellsberg and Bruce Springsteen to crony up for Obama.

Obama the war criminal. Obama the white collar corporate criminal.

Obama deserved impeachment long before this 2012 election. But we are living in what David Brooks labeled Post-Morality America. Read more about Politics of Crony-Cowardism Landslides Politics of Courage!

Matt Stoller’s ‘Domestic’ Case Against Voting for Obama

Matt Stoller writes in The Progressive Case Against Obama on salon:

Under Bush, economic inequality was bad, as 65 cents of every dollar of income growth went to the top 1 percent. Under Obama, however, that number is 93 cents out of every dollar. That’s right, under Barack Obama there is more economic inequality than under George W. Bush. ... most of this shift happened in 2009-2010, when Democrats controlled Congress. This was not, in other words, the doing of the mean Republican Congress. And it’s not strictly a result of the financial crisis; after all, corporate profits did crash, like housing values did, but they also recovered, while housing values have not.

Obama Will Be Primaried

Let me let you in on what I am up to:

President Obama is being challenged in the Democratic Primaries and Caucuses. That's right; someone is stepping up to hold him accountable for his lack of progressive and liberal vision and leadership.

Is it Dennis Kucinich? No. Alan Grayson? I could only wish, though I am glad to see him running for his former seat in the House. We'll need champions like him in there.

No, it's me. *I* am challenging the President. So, naturally, you want to know who the hell am I to try something like this, yes? Read more about Obama Will Be Primaried

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Creating Their Own Reality: President Petraeus, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you The Anti-Powell. Rolls right off the tongue, donit? Our side sure isn't thrilled by the idea, of course. paging Watertiger, pick up the white caption phone, Watertiger But it's not a bad joke, it's a possibility. This is one result of Beltway Bubbledom- the sincere and not-ridiculous belief that Petraeus could be a successful candidate in 2012. Read more about Creating Their Own Reality: President Petraeus, 2012

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