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Executive Order

Obama and Morality, The Boy and The Bike, An Analogy

So there is this didactic tale about a little boy who arrives at school breathlessly having pushed alongside himself the entire way his bicycle. The principal standing outside the school building looking at the latecomers asks the child why he ran alongside the bike instead of riding it.

The boy explains, "You see sir, I didn't want to be late. I just couldn't afford the time it would take to climb on."

I'm gonna stretch this lesson, and call the bike morality and the young lad Obama. Read below the fold...

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State Of The Union - Watch For This Gem Tonight

Congress? - Bush don't need no stinkin' Congress.

Watch for King George's proclamation regarding earmarks tonight. Finally (i.e. now that Dems run the Congressional roost), he has had enough of them.

Because our dear Ruler lacks the Line-Item Veto, he's simply going to sign an Executive Order that says, FUCK YOU, Congress - you only write the laws - the government (aka W) is not going to enforce those parts we (aka HE) doesn't agree with.

Vetoing is too messy, I guess. W wouldn't get those parts of the legislation he wants. Read below the fold...

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