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Taking Time

It's been a rather hectic week here, and yet in the middle of it, I was reminded once again of why I do what I do. I was also reminded that, sometimes, what I do will not be enough for those who are supposed to be allies, but that we cannot -- or at least, I cannot -- live exclusively in outraged mode. Read more about Taking Time

Married couples to pay more than unmmaried under health care bill

Wall Street Journal:

Some married couples would pay thousands of dollars more for the same health insurance coverage as unmarried people living together, under the health insurance overhaul plan pending in Congress.

The built-in "marriage penalty" in both House and Senate healthcare bills has received scant attention. But for scores of low-income and middle-income couples, it could mean a hike of $2,000 or more in annual insurance premiums the moment they say "I do."

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I am So Sorry

I have to apologize. To You, Gentle Reader. To my Blogmates, past and present. To America, lost and wounded. I am so sorry. as a sop, I'll offer some pics of the gardens very soon, honest to Chuy I've been in them 12-15hrs/day for the last month and just too fucking tired to blog. Read more about I am So Sorry

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Thanksgiving Abundance

Holidays are often times when the confluence of family, friends, food and drink bring new things to your table. This year at the Feral household I served my Pear wine with Thanksgiving turkey which went over better than I expected considering my parents and sibilings preference for sweet wine. Of course, I had some Riesling Spatelese as a backup in case the Pear bombed. So how was your holiday experience? Any pleasant (or unpleasant) suprises? Read more about Thanksgiving Abundance

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