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In the wonky weeds with Marcy - more on Obama's spy speech, three days later

Nicole Sandler: I find this fascinating, yet it is very – wonky is not the word, but it’s so in the weeds. I know, Marcy Wheeler, you’re so good at reading through this stuff, but to the average person – and I’d say I’m not even the average person, I’m probably more informed than most, I know I’m intelligent, but a lot of this stuff, I mean, you know, my eyes sort of roll back in my head and ...


I'm still playing podcast catch-up. After Obama's speech last Friday and Marcy's review on The Scott Horton Show (my prior transcript), Marcy did The Nicole Sandler Show on Monday. Way wonky, but kinda wonderful too, or wonderlandful, if you follow:

Marcy Wheeler: And so they’re trying to kind of develop this Panopticon within U.S. networks. And that’s the solution they want to come up with to defend our networks, rather than, by the way, increasing encryption and security and everything like that. And the reason they don’t want to do that is because it makes their spying harder. So it’s this circular issue, and I think it’s a dangerous circular issue because basically the NSA is making us less safe with what it’s doing with encryption, and then having made us less safe, it’s insisting that it needs to be able to police U.S. networks in a more intrusive fashion because it’s made us less safe.

Got that? Or, cutting to the chase:

Marcy Wheeler: We're not done learning... President Obama tried to end it, tried to close down discussion on Friday; we’re not done yet.
Nicole Sandler: No. I don’t think discussion will be closed as long as they, you know, can’t silence people like you... Information really is power, isn’t it?
Marcy Wheeler: Yep, it is.

Podcast here -- Marcy's segment, about a half an hour, starts at around 32:00. Transcript below the fold. Read more about In the wonky weeds with Marcy - more on Obama's spy speech, three days later

Obama Re-Frames Paul Revere as 'NSA Poster Boy'

I’m thinking whistleblower Edward Snowden far better fits the profile of a latter day Paul Revere than Obama’s nomination of the fourth-amendment-eliminating NSA. Read more about Obama Re-Frames Paul Revere as 'NSA Poster Boy'

10 Serious Considerations/Revelations (snip-less) re Snowden Scenario

1) Political asylum is an internationally recognized right. Snowden’s motives for releasing the surveillance info were in the public interest --and not just the American public’s. It was not for private and self-aggrandizing gains. Snowden discovered a massive government conspiracy to violate the Fourth Amendment with “unreasonable searches and seizures.” It was his legal and moral duty to disclose it. Snowden’s fear of persecution is well-founded. He could face torture, incarceration without trial, or death (already may be on the "kill list") under the M.O. Read more about 10 Serious Considerations/Revelations (snip-less) re Snowden Scenario

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Marcy Wheeler cont'd - more Manning, journalists obey, and FISA the kangaroo court

Picking up where they left off the day before, Marcy Wheeler is interviewed again on The Scott Horton Show. From the program notes at

Blogger Marcy Wheeler discusses how White House narratives go largely unchallenged by journalists starved of information from government leakers; the favorable testimony of prosecution witnesses in Bradley Manning’s court martial; Glenn Greenwald’s scoop on the NSA’s collection of all Verizon customer call data; how Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and other tech giants help the government spy on Americans; why individuals targeted by government spying can’t get standing to sue in court; and how the FBI is used as a front to evade NSA restrictions on domestic surveillance.

Podcast here, and transcript below. Read more about Marcy Wheeler cont'd - more Manning, journalists obey, and FISA the kangaroo court

Obama/Congress Traitors to Privacy, Assembly, Due Process

According to Naomi Wolf, the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund filed a request for documentation records about government surveillance of the Occupy Movement. Read more about Obama/Congress Traitors to Privacy, Assembly, Due Process

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Joe Klein: Still Haunted By His Shoddy FISA Reporting

No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post Read more about Joe Klein: Still Haunted By His Shoddy FISA Reporting

Obama keeps some Bush secrets.

Missing media critique not so missing anymore. From, yes, the AP (looked for other sources, to no avail):

WASHINGTON — Despite a pledge to open government, the Obama administration has endorsed a Bush-era decision to keep secret key details of an FBI computer database that allows agents and analysts to search a billion documents with a wealth of personal information about Americans and foreigners.

President Barack Obama's Justice Department quietly told a federal court in Washington last week that it would not second-guess the previous administration's decisions to withhold some information about the bureau's Investigative Data Warehouse.

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Madam Speaker in her own words

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Does Silvestre Reyes support the fourth amendment?

Influential Democrat asks Obama to keep spy chiefs

The comments in Wednesday's Congress Daily by U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, a Texas Democrat, run counter to the views of his likely Senate counterpart, who has called for a new team.

Reyes said he had recommended to Obama's transition team that CIA Director Michael Hayden and Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell be kept in place for at least six months.

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If Obama wants to cut spending, curbing FISA abuse would save $8 billion. How about it?

Obama vows to cut wasteful spending, doesn't rule out tax cuts or new programs

CHICAGO -- Facing a first-year deficit that could approach a staggering $2 trillion, President-elect Barack Obama vowed Tuesday to cut out wasteful spending wherever he finds it but insisted that the scope of the economic crisis demands an extraordinary - and expensive - response.

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Astroturf alert


Via Boztopia:Group hopes to shape nation's privacy policy

AT&T is funding a group run by some of the nation's top privacy experts that aims to influence policy in the Obama administration and develop best practices on privacy for businesses.

Called Future of Privacy, the organization will be announced Wednesday. Its Web site,, is set to go live Monday.

One of the group's co-founders, Jules Polonetsky, said he left his job as chief privacy officer at AOL to run Future of Privacy. He also had worked at DoubleClick, which was acquired by Google last year.

At&T? Doubleclick? Read more about Astroturf alert

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Can we afford FISA abuse?

All this talk about how Obama will have to give up doing anything for ordinary people because of the budget crisis got me to thinking, what should we cut? Then I remembered this old post: Read more about Can we afford FISA abuse?

Of course, new aerial full-motion video intelligence techniques will never be used for domestic surveillance

And if they do, I'm sure the Democrats would never grant them retroactive immunity for them anyhow. Sure, Bush, Reid, Pelosi, and Obama did just that for the telcos with FISA [cough] reform, but the two situations are completely different. For some reason. But isn't technology swell? The great Walter Pincus: Read more about Of course, new aerial full-motion video intelligence techniques will never be used for domestic surveillance

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A cookie you can believe in

The recent kafuffle over The Rev. Jesse’s “hot mic” revelations referring to BO’s nuts, caused us to recall the yesteryears when Blacks criticized other blacks by calling them Oreos [black on the outside, white on the inside].

The definition now may be of a different cookie altogether as black, white and colors in between Obmacons begin to look askance at the man they thought was the second coming; the man who promised, “change we can believe in”.

With most of the media and blogisphere going along, they toiled in his vineyards and harassed anyone who dared to say they were for Edwards or Clinton or any of the others. Despite the huge support for Hillary, the DNC illegally finagled MI and FL into a delegate plurality for BO. Read more about A cookie you can believe in

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Drop Chris Dodd a Thank You Note


Just 'cause, although he couldn't stop the FISA fiasco single-handedly, he at least did get the thing delayed.
The whole article's helpful, but the money quote's in the bottom graf here: Read more about Drop Chris Dodd a Thank You Note


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