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Alan Grayson and Florida pollitics

Why liberals, conservatives find common ground on an Alan Grayson Senate run

Here’s one for the Strange Bedfellows file: The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida and the conservative Club For Growth are both encouraging liberal firebrand Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando, to run for Senate in 2016.

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How to opt-out of Flordia tests

toritto: In Defense of 'Hysterical' Lefties

The following is by one of my favorite writers (and human beings) -- toritto!!!

Yes. I busted my ass for Obama the first time around.

Opened my checkbook, campaigned, knocked on doors. Did everything I could to see that he carried Florida in the Presidential election.

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The Emergent Party "Solution": Keep Them Off the Ballot? Now with Post-Election Update!

I'm not sure if this is as bad as it looks, but I'm interested in seeing what other people think. In danps's post on emergent party laziness, I commented that Greens were irrelevant in California, because other than the presidential race, there are none on our ballot. Boy, was I wrong.

I completely forgot about the recently passed "top two" legislation, which is now spreading to other states -- where it is preventing third parties from even appearing on voters' ballots.

Here's "top two" in a nutshell: Read more about The Emergent Party "Solution": Keep Them Off the Ballot? Now with Post-Election Update!

Florida’s 'MAKE MY DAY' Law: Crony-Enabling of Racist Criminality

Linn Washington, Jr. writes:

The mass disenfranchisement of thousands of blacks by Florida election officials during the 2000 presidential election allegedly won but actually stolen by George W. Bush remains a stinging point among blacks.

Florida’s then Governor Jeb Bush, George’s brother, later acknowledged his role in the voter suppression that handed the White House to his brother. Jeb Bush enthusiastically backed passage of the “Stand Your Ground “ law, calling it a “good, common-sense anti-crime measure.”

A Matter of Trust: Why Don't Democratic Leaders Believe in Democracy?

(from )

an open letter to President Barack Obama
from his Primary Challenger, Aldous C. Tyler

Greetings, Mr. President,

When I consider where this nation was four years ago, I can’t help but shake my head and smile at how things have actually turned out. At this point back then, the only real question in Presidential politics seemed to be who would get the Republican nomination for President to run against Hillary Clinton, who was assumed to be predestined for the Democratic nomination. Those of us who even knew of you, sir, had no real hope of getting you past the Clinton election machine, it seemed. Read more about A Matter of Trust: Why Don't Democratic Leaders Believe in Democracy?

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Plantidote of the Day 2011-01-17

bleeding heart vine

Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Bleeding heart vine or glory bower Read more about Plantidote of the Day 2011-01-17

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Bail Bonds for Heroes

Every once in a while, somethin’ down here in the swamp surprises me and makes me pretty darn proud to live in the Sunshine State.

In one of today’s lesser-known stories, Wayne Harris, Chairman of the Okaloosa County, FL, Board of Commissioners, plans to do what it takes to protect one of Florida’s most crucial inland bays, despite the possibility of arrest. Read more about Bail Bonds for Heroes

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A Good Run Will Always Be Better Than A Bad Stand

With the majority of people’s attention on the apocalyptic oil gusher in the Gulf, many of us are forgettin’ there’s actually still some pretty big things happening right here in our own backyard. One of the big ones for us Floridians is the recent passage of SB 1143, the supposed “Reduction and Simplification of Healthcare” legislation that actually increases barriers for women in our state seeking abortions.

That bill is now sittin' on Governor Charlie Crist’s desk just a gnat’s whisker away from enactment. Well folks, now is the time where the rubber officially meets the road. Read more about A Good Run Will Always Be Better Than A Bad Stand

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Keep Your Laws Out Of My Body

“It is easy to take liberty for granted when you have never had it taken from you” – M. Grundler

Outside of the passing of the Patriot Act, I can not remember a time in my relatively short life in which I felt more hurt or violated by my government. The passage and proposal of recent government sponsored rape legislation in Oklahoma and Florida has left me in utter shock.

You see, I wasn’t around for the
Roe v. Wade court battle.
I’ve grown up in an era of women’s equality; or at least the façade of it. For the first time in my life, I think truly understand the indescribable anger of having my most personal liberties taken from me. Read more about Keep Your Laws Out Of My Body

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Via the indispensable Ken Silverstein: WellCare Made Campaign Donations As Fraud Committed, Report Says

WellCare Health Plans Inc., its subsidiaries and executives spent $2.4 million on political contributions in the 2004 and 2006 elections, according to an analysis of campaign records by The Associated Press. More than 95 percent of it went to Republicans, who pushed forward a nationally watched plan that funnels more state and federal Medicaid spending than ever through private companies like WellCare, which profit most by providing the least care.

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Letters to the editor supporting Medicare for All

Montana: Letter to the

In presenting his national health care plan, “A Call to Action — Health Reform 2009,” Sen. Max Baucus said, “My door is open and I seek partners with ‘can-do’ spirits and open minds.” Earlier though, in the health care forums he held around Montana, Baucus stated very strongly that a single-payer health care plan “is off the table.”

Believing that the Senator’s “door is open,” I maintain that a single-payer system must be on the table because it can help save our present and future economic well being as a state and nation. ...

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those young voters who are all energized?

Not so much so far--in Florida, at least.

"... younger voters have shifted heavily toward the Democratic Party during the past four years.

But as yet -- in either Central Florida or the state as a whole -- a surge of younger voters hasn't materialized.

Though a bit more than 10 percent of all voters are younger than 25, fewer than 6 percent of early voters fit that category. Similarly, voters 25 to 34 years old are 14.4 percent of the electorate -- but just 9.5 percent of those who voted early. ..." -- Orlando Sentinal analyses the early voting figures in all of Florida -- Battle for Florida: Blacks turn out in droves, but few young people have voted Read more about those young voters who are all energized?

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Armitage for single payer

District 7 congressional candidates talk about priorities
"I believe we're way past time to have gotten a universal health-care system in place," she said. "It's a human right."

Armitage wants to see a Medicare-for-all system that would give people a choice in primary-care physicians, and still encourage employers to offer private insurance.

According to Armitage, universal health care could save Americans $350 billion a year.

"Thirty-one cents out of every dollar spent on private insurance goes to overhead and profit," she said. "Just 3 cents per dollar of Medicare goes to overhead." Read more about Armitage for single payer

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Carol Shea-Porter and John Russell; health care heroes

A rematch in N.H. 1st District contest

Shea-Porter has been unwavering in her dedication to getting health care to every American citizen.

"The plan I support is Medicare for all," the incumbent congresswoman said on her campaign Web site. "It is cost effective and the structure is already in place.

"With Medicare, health care is privately delivered," the site says. "This allows the freedom to choose your own doctors."


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