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Post truth politics


Fascinating article on the influence of Fox News. But I think that post-truth politics began with Ronald Reagan. Read more about Post truth politics

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Turn off Fox, the next step

I can't find words for how pleased I am that Glenn was chased off the air. Congratulations to Color of Change, Spocko, and everyone involved. It is a huge victory and important sign that the left can take down a big guy, at least in certain circumstances.

The next step is to go after Fox itself.

Step one:

Some businesses play Fox without having thought about it at all, and may not know how divisive and dangerous Fox is. Turn Off Fox will help you work with others in your area (and across the country) to identify places that play Fox, ask them to change the channel, and explain why they should.

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Fox Losing Popularity?

Y'all know I don't watch TV, but tell me what you think is going on here:

The cable news ratings for the third quarter of 2010 were released today, and Fox News is showing signs of decline as their viewership has decreased by 21%, and their top shows all posted double digit losses, while MSNBC’s shows grew and the network attracted more younger viewers.

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Glen Beck is a tree, Rubert Murdoch is the forest

Beck was brought to Faux because of his ability to be an American version of radio Rwanda. Murdoch is deliberately trying to destabilize our country, what I don’t get is why we are letting him get away with it.

First of all, kudos to all of those who worked on persuading Beck’s advertisers to drop him. Make no mistake, NewsCorp is vulnerable to this sort of tactic. Read more about Glen Beck is a tree, Rubert Murdoch is the forest

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After the Fox: Barack Obama, Chris Wallace, and Me

[Public Service Announcement: I think this post is the finest example of "I did, so you don't have to" that I've ever seen, and thanks to VastLeft for putting on his waders and working through the complete FUX transcript. Please, everyone, read the whole thing. It will be painful, but very, very instructive. And cue another round of W.O.R.M.--Lambert]

I hope you enjoyed my appearance yesterday on Fox News Sunday (DCOW), via satellite, along with Chris Wallace and Barack Obama. I think they were having audio problems in the studio, since they kept ignoring my questions and comments. I'm sure it was unintentional.

CHRIS WALLACE: Senator Obama, welcome to FOX NEWS SUNDAY. Read more about After the Fox: Barack Obama, Chris Wallace, and Me

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Another Reverend Speaks


Via Crooks and Liars comes this YouTube of Reverend Michael Pfleger giving a FAWKS interviewer a brief tutorial on what is what and why what is what is what it is.

++++ Read more about Another Reverend Speaks

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Fox (Shills) News Channel Scores Again!!

Despite the fact that the biggest news This Week was the testimony of General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker before Congress regarding the Iraq War, both men seemingly refused to Face the Nation and Meet the Press. Read more about Fox (Shills) News Channel Scores Again!!

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What Happens When Diebold Doesn't Fuck With The Results

To spare the rest of you the horror of watching the Republican Debate of last night, I took the time (in small doses) to do so.

[I had to request Lambert's "hon" to pass me the bucket on numerous occasions]

In true Fox "News" style - we decided, and they failed to report.

During the post-debate spin, Fox News ran tallies of viewers' opinions of which candidate won. Read more about What Happens When Diebold Doesn't Fuck With The Results

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Smear, Insinuation, and Bias: Let's Play

I'm sure you've probably heard all about the recent back and forth between various organs of the SCLM about Obama and his early education. Short verision: a website published a claim that he was educated in extremist madrassas when young, and that he is a kind of 'stealth-Muslim' now as he runs for the highest office. These claims were picked up by FOX, and later complicated by other claims that even though the story was false, it originated from the campaign office of Hillary. Smears within smears, if you will. Read more about Smear, Insinuation, and Bias: Let's Play

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Heathers Sniping?

All I can say is, titter!. You decide if this this important:

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