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Taking Time

It's been a rather hectic week here, and yet in the middle of it, I was reminded once again of why I do what I do. I was also reminded that, sometimes, what I do will not be enough for those who are supposed to be allies, but that we cannot -- or at least, I cannot -- live exclusively in outraged mode. Read more about Taking Time

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Thank you Corrente Community!


I cannot begin to explain how humbled I am by your support. Many many thanks to everyone who gave. A great burden has been lifted.

More than ever I am eager to do my part to achieve single payer. I hope I am always worthy of your support. Read more about Thank you Corrente Community!

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In Which I Formally Apologize to FrenchDoc

For a comment on her last post in which I used a deplorable word. I am sincerely and completely sorry. You don't have to forgive me. I have always appreciated your work. I'm sorry you won't be around often anymore. I don't have your email, so this will have to do by way of apologizing. I hope you read it someday. Read more about In Which I Formally Apologize to FrenchDoc

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Thanksgiving Abundance

Holidays are often times when the confluence of family, friends, food and drink bring new things to your table. This year at the Feral household I served my Pear wine with Thanksgiving turkey which went over better than I expected considering my parents and sibilings preference for sweet wine. Of course, I had some Riesling Spatelese as a backup in case the Pear bombed. So how was your holiday experience? Any pleasant (or unpleasant) suprises? Read more about Thanksgiving Abundance

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