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gay marriage

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Minding your own business is an old American tradition

Letter to the Salt Lake Weekly

We have dozens of Utah families living in homeless shelters, and the leadership of the LDS Church has led a $20 million crusade off through the Nevada desert to California.
Squandering the good will that they have gained through their humanitarian efforts, they claim that the idea of the marriage of Jim and Bob of Arbuckle at the Colusa County Courthouse is an event of cosmic proportions.

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In Defense of Black Homophobes

In defense of black voters voting at least 2 to 1 for California's Proposition 8 rides Jasmyne A. Cannick. Her argument is that white gays aren't "sufficiently sensitive" to the fact that the word and concept of "rights" was trademarked and copywritten by black churches in the 60's. Therefore, any use of that word by white gays is offensive to the black community, including black lesbians like Cannick. I parachuted in to hearing her laughingly dismiss outraged callers on Talk of the Nation. Read more about In Defense of Black Homophobes

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another "Faith, Family, and Values Tour" -- now with even more bigotry

"... the Obama campaign next week will kick off “Barack Obama: Faith, Family, and Values Tour,” designed to woo the votes of left-leaning Catholics, progressive Evangelicals, and some conservative mainline Protestants. If LGBT people find the tour eerily reminiscent of the South Carolina gospel tour the campaign arranged last year with antigay "ex-gay" gospel singer Donnie McClurkin, their instincts may not be far off.

CBN names Catholic legal scholar Douglas Kmiec as one of the religious surrogates who will hit the road stumping for Obama. Kmiec wrote a June 13 op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle supporting California's Proposition 8, the ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage ..." Read more about another "Faith, Family, and Values Tour" -- now with even more bigotry

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Al Gore Supports Equal Marriage Rights


Al Gore isn’t running for President because he wouldn’t be able to tell the truth, and how sad is that? He has now clearly spoken out on another inconvenient truth, that homosexuals are citizens too and are entitled to the same rights as everyone else. (video after the jump) Read more about Al Gore Supports Equal Marriage Rights

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Take My Wife! Please! (Queer Ed, Iowa)

Way to go, Judge Hanson. Let's hope he survives his next election; fundies have long memories about this sort of thing. But nonetheless, Iowa has an important opportunity here and we'll see if a Heartland state can truly support the concept behind the 14th and other amendments. 'Equal under the law' is really simple, when you get down to it. Read more about Take My Wife! Please! (Queer Ed, Iowa)

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Massachusetts rules

Today, I am very proud of my state, and also proud of our paper of record for an editorial for the ages (reg. required). Read more about Massachusetts rules

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Wednesday Polygamy Blogging: It's Not Just About Mormons

I'm sorry that the husband in this case is such a lecherous pedophile, and that I have to agree with the logic of the SCOTUS. He's just proving the stereotype of polygamists by being incapable of waiting to get his hands on his sister-in-law before she's 18. I totally grok that "fundamentalist" Mormons like him really just want to keep a harem of teenage girls while sucking off welfare programs to support them, and that abuse and domestic violence runs rampant in communities where this practice occurs. But... Read more about Wednesday Polygamy Blogging: It's Not Just About Mormons

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Dirty Sex and Clean Politics


Via our good pal, and creator of the term 'blogtopia,' The Manly Marsupial Skippy of the Forrest, we discover this exciting blog and a project that seems to be getting a lot of attention. Attention Democratic operatives with the good sense to study history and learn from it: a lot of us out here will do this kind of work for you, for free. I too am sick and tired of bringing squirt guns to a knife fight:
Read more about Dirty Sex and Clean Politics

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Edwards Drops the Gay Ball

Let's just make it simple. John, here's what you say: I support full and equal rights for all Americans, period. That includes the right to marry, regardless of orientation. That's not hard. As Pam notes, "moral values" handwringing and wishywashy "my daughter is for it before I was against it" really won't help you. Fact: gay-haters will never vote for you anyway. Fact: you can ride a huge wave of mobilized, loyal to the death gays and progressives (see: Dean) if you come out on the right side of this issue. Read more about Edwards Drops the Gay Ball

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South Africa: Gays are Alright

Sigh. I remember protesting against the old South African government, firm in my conviction that my nation would always be ahead of them when it came to civil liberties and justice. What Progress looks like:

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Fuck You, Spitzer

And fuck you four judges too afraid to admit that the Constitution guarantees equal protections for everyone, no matter how much the idea of me and my girlfriend being happy together shrivels your pathetic manhood.You won't see me advocating for Spitzer any time soon:
Read more about Fuck You, Spitzer

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Let love rule


While we're on the subject of inconvenient truths, let's face up to this one: it's time for the Democratic Party to stop being chickenshit about gay marriage. Read more about Let love rule


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