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Q Munk Debate Preview - Jian Ghomeshi talks with Michael Hayden and Glenn Greenwald

Still on the Munk Debate, laying down a record. Stepping backward in time now to the morning of the debate, when both Michael Hayden and Glenn Greenwald were interviewed by Jian Ghomeshi on Q. Hayden was interviewed by phone, Greenwald was in Studio Q with Ghomeshi.

The interview with Hayden fascinates me. You know how it is when you're looking in a mirror and trying to make your hands move right but they keep going wrong, and then you just stop and stare? Read below the fold...

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Post Munk Debate Show - transcript

"First of all, I think it’s fiction that they say, “Well we only collect information on foreigners.” Who cares? The U.S. will collect information on Canadians, Canadians will collect information on Americans, and vice versa with the Five Eyes, each being each other’s eyes."

Continuing on from here, a review of the debate from a Canadian perspective. Immediately after the debate in Toronto, the conversation continued online. Hosted by Dr. Ron Deibert, Director of the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, and joined by Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, as well as Joseph Menn, Technology Projects Reporter with Thomson Reuters. Transcript below fold. Read below the fold...

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Team Glenzilla vs. Creepy Unamerican Goblins - Munk Debate on State Surveillance transcript

Munk Debate on State Surveillance, last Friday, May 2nd, in Toronto. Glenn Greenwald and Alexis Ohanian versus Michael Hayden and Alan Dershowitz.

Tossing bouquets to Glenn and Alexis, thank you so much, and thanks as well to Canada and host Munk Debates.

Drinking game: First person to say "unconstitutional."

Transcript below fold. Read below the fold...

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Hey, Newsweek is catching on ["The Woman Who Knows the NSA's Secrets"]:

Read below the fold...

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Marcy Wheeler on journalism as terrorism, FISA court as duped rubber stamp, and bigfooting as crazy national insecurity

As always, I can't keep up with Marcy's postings on emptywheel, so I'm grateful for a new interview.

From The Scott Horton Show program notes for August 19:

Blogger Marcy Wheeler discusses the detention of Glenn Greenwald’s partner at Heathrow airport for “terrorism” concerns; the highly selective prosecution of government leaks; the Obama administration’s juvenile handling of Edward Snowden’s asylum journey; Greenwald’s bold proclamation that he will return to the US and fight for his Constitutional rights; and why the founder of now-defunct Lavabit email may face prosecution.

Podcast here, and transcript below the fold: Read below the fold...

STOP NSA! Authoritarianism Ending Individualism!

Re the NSA scandal, Obama postures that he wants to open a CRIMINAL investigation of what amounts to an information leakage on his own CRIMINALITY in defying our first, fourth and fifth amendment rights. His along with the other two branches of our government.

Fascistic enough for you? It is for me.

Norman Solomon in “Obama’s Willing Executioners of the Fourth Amendment”: Read below the fold...

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Common household remedies request

How do you embed a whole Twitter conversation thread? Read below the fold...

The Elephant in the Benghazi Room is Al Qaeda as Frenemy

One of Obama’s damage control frontiers this week is the “cover up” after the tragic and deadly attack on the Benghazi consulate last September.

It is being roundly pooh-poohed as not scandal-label-worthy by Obama Team Dems. The one MSNBC anchor I am willing to watch, Chris Hayes, tonight led the pooh-poohers much to my frustration. He called it a “nothingburger”! Read below the fold...

U.S. Hearts Saudi Despots

Have we as a citizenry ever gotten a good answer on why the U.S. went after Iraq when a whopping 15 of the 19 Al Qaeda hijackers in the 9/11 attacks (according to wikipedia) were citizens of Saudi Arabia? (The four others were from Egypt, Lebanon and the UAE.)

Have we ever gotten a good answer as to why negative focus has never been directed by U.S. administrations or corporate media against the despotic monarchy of Saudi Arabia (our main weapons customer) while it oppresses its own people and enables other despotisms to oppress theirs? Read below the fold...

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Ron Paul on Ending the Tragedy in Gaza


Retiring Congressman Ron Paul, former candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, comes done on the same side as many progressives on the Israeli occupation of Palestine. A recent post on his website, reiterates comments he made when was president about Gaza being nothing but a vast concentration camp.

It has never mattered to Paul which party was in power. His greatest appeal, especially among young supporters, is his ability to tell the unvarnished truth. He puts the blame for Gazan atrocities squarely where it belongs: with the US government, which is the main supplier of planes and bombs Israel uses to attack Palestinians. Read below the fold...

How To Stab A Citizenry in the Back Obama-Style

So, the chronically conscience-deprived “Obama bubble people” and the new club of morality sell-outs, the “I held my nose but was proud to have voted for Obama” group, have put another nail in the coffin of American democracy by backing the man whom Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report has savvily labeled the “more effective evil”.

This coalition of willfully naive Democrats have secured for Obama four more years of profound executive power -- not only legitimate but the illegitimate power Obama has already begun vastly amassing for himself -- to finish off the democracy he and his corporate overlords have achieved such progress already in destroying. Read below the fold...

‘Heil Obama!’

Fascism comes
on little Obama-cat feet.

It sits looking
from sea to shining sea
on liberty-murdering haunches.
It won’t move on.

The sham of Obama as the "lesser evil" is over.

Glen Ford in “Eric Holder Tortures the Constitution” in Black Agenda Report writes: Read below the fold...

Burns, Greenwald, and Julian Assange

The last time I beat Glenn Greenwald by a day in writing on the NYT John Burns' hit piece on wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Read below the fold...

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Inflation-Adjusted Bonds? You Must Be Kidding, Paul


Paul Krugman got a lot of attention among leftward tweeters today for following Glenn Greenwald down the road of writing about the de-evolution of the United States into a de-developed nation, because of the irresponsible preference of its ruling elite for lower taxes rather than infrastructure and essential services, and also because of impac Read below the fold...


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