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Eugene Puryear, showing how it is done

Will Sommer

Speaking of sleepy parties inexplicably active in this election, remember the Statehood Greens? Had a Council seat for a while until Catania poleaxed party warhorse Hilda Mason in 1998, been known for kooky candidates ever since?

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WI Democrats challenge Green nomination papers -- even with no Republican on the ballot!

Except -- and you knew this was coming, right? -- the Democrat is the Republican! Green Party Watch: Read below the fold...

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Tim Willard seeks Green Party's nomination for Montgomery County Council

Tim Willard Announces Campaign for Montgomery County Council At-Large

Tim Willard, of Kensington, has announced his intention to seek the Green Party's nomination for Montgomery County Council, At-Large. Tim is a retired archivist and the current co-chair of the Maryland Green Party.

Anyone from Montgomery County? Anyone know anything about him? Read below the fold...

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What Now?

Today, John Boehner bowed to the inevitable logic of the impending political season and placed a “clean” debt ceiling increase bill on the floor of the House. At this writing, the bill passed with 28 Republican and 193 Democratic votes. Now it moves on to the Senate, where it is expected to pass in time to allow the Treasury to keep issuing debt instruments.

So, now we have had agreement on a budget partially rolling back the sequester, and the Republican leadership appears to have decided not to have another debt ceiling crisis. I wrote a post called “What Happens Now?” just after the Government shutdown ended last October. There I analyzed the political situation and made a number of predictions about the short-term future. Here's how I answered the question: “Growth and Jobs or Shutdowns and Debt Ceiling Crises?” Read below the fold...

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Dan Robinson for Maryland House of Delegates

Dan Robinson Announces Campaign For House of Delegates, District 20

Dan Robinson, of Takoma Park, has announced his intention to seek the Green Party's nomination for Maryland House of Delegates, District 20. Dan is a 28-year resident of Takoma Park and has recently served two terms on the Takoma Park City Council.

Anyone from Takoma Park? Anyone know anything about him? Read below the fold...

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California Green Party candidates for statewide office

California Green Party announces 2014 statewide endorsements

On the heels of a record number of California Greens elected in an odd-numbered year (20), the Green Party of California (GPCA) announces its official endorsements for the June 2014 primary: Luis Rodriguez, Governor; Laura Wells, Controller; Ellen Brown, Treasurer; and David Curtis, Secretary of State.

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Rally to ban fracking in New York state

Rally to Ban Fracking at Cuomo’s State of the State!

Green Party goes to Albany! Join the Green Party and thousands of other activists in Albany to tell Governor Cuomo and other state legislators to BAN FRACKING. The rally begins at 11:30 AM on the middle of the concourse at the Empire State Plaza. It will be before the Governor delivers his official State of the State address.

Readers, if any of you are able to go to this, please post about your experiences. Read below the fold...

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Grassroots Basics: Training for local emergent party committees

danps' post got me to thinking about training for emergent parties.

More Americans than ever are open to emergent party candidates. But unless they are organized, emergent parties cannot take advantage of the current atmosphere. In defense of Jill Stein, she got more publicity than all the other 2012 emergent party candidates combined. She also ran her campaign in areas where the Green Party had candidates running, unlike Nader, she ran her campaign in such a way as to reinforce Green Party local efforts. After the campaign there were two training camps. So the Green Party has done some training. But clearly more training is needed.

So, I am offering my services to any left of center emergent party. I am an experienced activist, with years of precinct operations and GOTV work for the Democratic party until I gave up on them. I can teach your committee: Read below the fold...

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Union and third party leaders not fighting, not present

Local activity that should be of keen interest to leaders in the Green Party and AFL-CIO is instead being ignored by them.

Cross posted from Pruning Shears. Read below the fold...

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Kevin Bott and Howie Hawkins for Syracuse

Syracuse Green Party candidates tout higher state aid, city income tax

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Green Party candidates running for Syracuse mayor and city council are calling for a return to the good old days when New York state shared 8 percent of its revenues with local governments, a change they say would solve the fiscal problems facing the city.

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Kristina Gronquist running for City Council of Minneapolis

Minneapolis Ward 3 candidate brings a Green perspective: Kristina Gronquist running for City Council with Green Party endorsement

Kristina Gronquist, the Green Party-endorsed candidate, is running a quiet but steady campaign, focusing on issues like Dinkytown development and police profiling.

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Kevin Bott, Green Party candidate for Mayor of Syracuse

Green Party's Kevin Bott joins race for Syracuse mayor

Bott has a doctorate in educational theater from New York University. He was the educational director of the downstate prison arts non-profit called Rehabilitation Through the Arts.

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