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Libby’s Political Stew: War-Torture-Drone Truthers & Liars

Ludwig Watzal in “U.S. Military Casualty Statistics Not the Senators’ Main Concern” calls out the Senate Armed Services' Committee hearing vetting former Republican Chuck Hagel for U.S. Secretary of Defense: Read more about Libby’s Political Stew: War-Torture-Drone Truthers & Liars

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Cynthia McKinney looks better everyday

WSJ: Hagel To Join Obama On Iraq Trip

Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska will join Barack Obama on his upcoming trip to Iraq, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Hagel voted for the war crimes commission act in addition to all of his pro-war votes. The moral distinction between Hagel and Lyndie England is that she had her picture taken.

Judgment at Nuremberg Read more about Cynthia McKinney looks better everyday

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Melissa McEwan

Obama would like to appoint Republicans Chuck Hagel and Dick Lugar to key cabinet positions, like Secretaries of Defense and State, if elected.

So what, precisely, would change under a President Obama? Read more about Changeness

Who Does These Senators' Trip Planning Anyway, Tom Clancy?

UPDATE: Apparently somebody showed some sense (probably the military not the media, but still) and did not let this story get out until the matter was already resolved. The incident, per the current CNN story happened at 8:30 EST this morning. They were picked up, motored into Kabul, and winging off to Turkey before the story hit the wires. Everything else I said still applies though.

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YouTube Goodness: Hagel and McCain Ed

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