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Healthcare-NOW! needs a new hat

Healthcare-NOW! is a little like Bullwinkle, they just can't learn that some tricks are not going to work. I received yet another email encouraging me to contact my member of congress.

Who is on Healthcare-NOW's list? Most likely people who have already contacted their member a dozen times on this issue. In other words, a regular customer. Members of Congress track their mail, if they have you typed as a health care activists, your follow up letters do not pack much of a punch. Read more about Healthcare-NOW! needs a new hat

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Hands off our Medicare blog

Healthcare-NOW! has a new blog, Hands Off Our Medicare!

I discovered this quite by chance. Why didn't they send out an email blast? Or at least send an announcement to their online supporters? Do they even have a list of their online supporters?

They are a tiny organization with staffers juggling too many balls, so we can't be surprised or too critical when they drop one.

Just making an observation. Read more about Hands off our Medicare blog

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Don't write your Representative or Senator

Last week I got an email from Healthcare-NOW! asking me to write my representative in support of HR 676, Medicare for All.

I don't have a representative. But that is not my point.

Letters to Representatives have a very limited impact. Especially if they come from regular customers, constituents whose previous letters indicate a general point of view and have been accordingly pigeonholed. Read more about Don't write your Representative or Senator

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The return of HR 676, Medicare for All

Healthcare-NOW!: Conyers Reintroduces “Expanded & Improved Medicare For All” Bill (HR 676):

Washington DC- Representative John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.), a long-time national leader for non-profit publicly-financed universal health care, today introduced H.R. 676, “The Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act.” The single-payer universal health care bill, which has been introduced since 2003, has 25 original cosponsors, and has sparked a growing national movement in support of the bill.

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March to Fulfill the Dream: New Orleans to Detroit!

Dear Healthcare-NOW! Supporter:

On April 4th, 2010 poor people and their allies will unite with the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) to advance Dr. King's dream of ending poverty. Read more about March to Fulfill the Dream: New Orleans to Detroit!

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Reminder: Single-payer policy conference call TONIGHT

[Many thanks for live blogging this during my semi-advertant absence. Great comments! -- lambert]

From Healthcare-NOW!:

Dear Healthcare-NOW! Supporter:

Join leading policy experts and single-payer advocates on a conference call TONIGHT, January 14th at 8pm EST for analysis from the beltway on the lack of transparency in the current health reform process, the inadequacy of the pending legislation, and continued commitment to building the movement for single-payer national healthcare.

Featured speakers include:

Ronald Hikel, Legislative Director and Deputy Chief of Staff for Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY)
Dr. Len Rodberg, PNHP NY Metro Chapter Board Member and Research Director

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Single-payer events for NYC area

From Healthcare-NOW!:

1) Two upcoming educational conference calls
2) "Where do we go from here? Gearing up for real healthcare reform" panel presentation and Q&A

The Truth About Healthcare Reform Actions: two educational conference calls.

The Truth about Health Reform - Thurs., Jan. 14th at 8pm EST Read more about Single-payer events for NYC area

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Action Alert: single payer training in Maryland

"Get the tools you need to be a single payer advocate!"
What: Workshop
Start Time: Saturday, February 20 at 9:00am
End Time: Saturday, February 20 at 3:00pm
Where: Owen Brown Interfaith Center Read more about Action Alert: single payer training in Maryland

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Action Alert: Mark Dudzic at Healthcare-Now! Maryland

Healthcare-Now! of Maryland meeting features Mark Dudzic
"Will labor begin a national campaign for single payer?"
What: Club/Group Meeting
Start Time: Thursday, January 28 at 7:15pm
End Time: Thursday, January 28 at 9:15pm
Where: Episcopal Diocese Center Read more about Action Alert: Mark Dudzic at Healthcare-Now! Maryland

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Isvestia on the protest at Schumer's office

Going After Schumer
Kit Seeleye

The demonstrators say, however, that if Mr. Schumer truly believes in Medicare for all, he should use his influence to push for it and not settle for half-measures.

“Our political leaders shouldn’t say they can’t make it happen,” said Laurie Wen, an organizer for Healthcare-NOW!, the advocacy group that helped sponsor the protest rally. “Nothing important was ever won by saying, ‘We don’t have the votes.’ ”

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Tom Knoche of Healthcare-Now! on single payer in the states

Pennsylvania Legislature has 2 bills on health plan

If Congress fails to pass a federal single-payer program, a single-payer system could happen quickly in Pennsylvania, California and Illinois, Knoche said. The Canadian national health care system started in a single province and spread individually to all others.

Single-payer health care in several states could help move the national political will toward a national system, Knoche said.

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Marilyn Clement, she will be missed

Activist Fought for Civil Rights, Health Care

Marilyn Clement, 74, a social activist who helped expand black voting rights under the guidance of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s and later was a campaigner for a universal health-care system in the United States, died Aug. 3 in New York. She had multiple myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow.

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Medicare: Made in America

July, 30th, 2009, Washington, DC, Lobby and Rally

Celebrate Medicare’s 44th Birthday by showing Congress and President Obama the people, unions, doctors, nurses, seniors, faith groups, and Americans of every stripe support a single-payer system.

As President Obama says, “We must build on what works and leave out what doesn’t.” Medicare has
successfully provided care to seniors and people with disabilities for almost half a century. Medicare is a truly American-made system that other health care systems around the world have since been modeled after. With little over 3% administrative overhead, we must look to this American solution to our health care crisis.


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