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Open Wine Thread

Well, the raspberry wine won't be ready for the second racking for another week, and I just racked the apple wine yesterday, so while there's a bit of a lull, I thought I ask if any of you are making wine, or have made wine, or are thinking about making wine. So what have you got fermenting? What would you like to try? I'll be around for the rest of the weekend, so let's talk wine and winemaking. Read more about Open Wine Thread

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Apple Interlude

The apples on my Ida Red tree have finally gotten ripe, so while the red raspberry wine is working in the primary fermenter (see here for the beginning of the raspberry wine), it was time to pick my apples and press them out.

Ready to start squeezing Read more about Apple Interlude

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Sour Grapes – and Other Fruit

You want some good exercise? Try harvesting wild grapes while standing in a canoe! To keep your balance you’ll use muscles you didn’t know you had. Read more about Sour Grapes – and Other Fruit

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Why Do You Do That?

I've occasionally been asked why I make my own wine when there's an abundance of reasonably priced, decent quality wine so readily available. I admit, I frequently dip into that well (I'm sipping a hearty California Zinfandel right now). But making your own wine gives you possibilities and a perspective that you'll never get from merely making a purchase. Read more about Why Do You Do That?

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth...

...overdoing. Meet the Tomato Fanatics of LA.

Consider this an open gardening/homegrown/raised-bed (No, CD, not that kind!) hybrid, modified, variant, panspeciesist, pureblood, mudblood, heirloom, hydroponic and related matters thread. With bees if desired. Read more about Anything Worth Doing Is Worth...

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