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Are There No Simulation Models Out There?


Dean Baker had an interesting post in HuffPo on August 2nd on the Alan Blinder/Mark Zandi study. It's the best take on it I've seen thus far. He says: Read more about Are There No Simulation Models Out There?

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Move your money makes the network news

ABC World News did a story on Move Your Money. It seems the Move Your Money Facebook group has 8,000 members. There are YouTube videos of people moving their money. I have to believe that behind the scenes banksters are really worried. Torches and pitchforks can take many forms. Read more about Move your money makes the network news

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Dear Arianna Huffington, a lie is not a point of view

Today's Huffington Post has an article alleging the Medicare and Social Security are Ponzi schemes. Read more about Dear Arianna Huffington, a lie is not a point of view

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Meanwhile on the A-List

Huffington Post clearly drinks the Blue Dog and Republican koolaid that there is a Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid "Crisis", and that Obama's "Fiscal Summit" is there to "fix" it. No evidence is cited (none being available), but to quote: "The entitlement programs face eventual bankruptcy, although experts differ on how urgently each is threatened.". Heh. Indeed.

Daily Howler has a typically devastating slapdown on this exact kind of moronic, lazy, D+ reporting (his example: Ceci Connally) that teabags bi-partisan (ergo Republican) talking points on the so-called SS crisis. Read more about Meanwhile on the A-List

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Oh, the Posts you will Huff!

Shorter Darnton: Feminist tribalism = bad. Youth tribalism = good.

Shorter Eskow: Let's pretend that Hillary gets the better media treatment. (Always a winner to project your own foibles onto your opposition. Works for Rove, why not for Axelrod?)

Michael Seitzman is too profound a thinker and too masterful a wordsmith to be shorterized, so let's sample his choice comments about Hillary:

'Scorched Earth'... completely destroy anything and everything... Hillary's crying moment... She just handed the Republican nominee a soundbite he can play over and over and over again throughout the general election....

As thoughtful and healing as that was, it's just a warmup for the big finish: Read more about Oh, the Posts you will Huff!

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Jesus Christ, HuffPo!

Usually, I like to wait until I'm finished with Christmas dinner to puke, but John Ridley put me on the morning shift.

Huckabee runs a Christmas-themed ad. The liberals see a floating cross, and believe that alone make the man unfit to be president. Instead, I think that makes some on the far left too paranoid to trust with a vote....

What's particularly galling is the left's selective prosecution of religiosity....

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