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Idiots in Government

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Who's On That "Government Teat"? Blackwater!

First Blackwater attacks Air Force Officers. Next, they lie about "returning fire" in Iraq. Then, they lie about what kind of money they're making undermining the US Military abroad. From a Dkos Diary on Prince's testimony, Tennessee Congressman John Duncan reveals the escalation in costs of Blackwater's services during the past three fiscal years: Read below the fold...

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Call 'Em Up: Congressional Dems About to Cave AGAIN on FISA

Stolen from Atrios's place, where he posted a link to Open Left:

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I just got word from the ACLU that a new and bad FISA bill is about to be unveiled tomorrow at 1:30pm by Steny Hoyer in a press-only briefing. Telecom immunity is not in the bill, but the Senate is pressing hard for that to be included. Read below the fold...

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