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Florida Oil Spill Volunteer Info!

For those of us in South Florida who would like to volunteer to help with oil spill, I've finally gotten my hands on some good info!

For training:

The Broward Sheriff's Office will soon be offering training in oil clean up.

The free four-hour classes will be held over five days at The B.S.O. Public Safety Complex at 2601 W. Broward Blvd. Call 954-926-2400 or check their website for more info.

Also, MoveOn.Org provided me with a general volunteer training information number. If you're interested in training or have questions call 1-866-448-5816. Read more about Florida Oil Spill Volunteer Info!

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Resources for Voters: A Good Thing

So I just spent 1.25 hours with my sister trying to help her decide her local election choices. It's an off year, so generally only those of us who are Hard Core about voting bother to do so. That just makes our votes that much more powerful. I appreciate the irony of someone like me, frequent Doomsayer on the sad state of our video poker voting reality, talking about good voting. But I'll do so anyway, cause part of me wants to Hope. /scampers away from Lambert/ Read more about Resources for Voters: A Good Thing

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Phat vs Heavy: TimeWarner to Fix Pricing to Download Volume

"Phat" is a great word, you can use it in so many fun ways, even little kids can say it (that's actually really cute when it happens). Many fine things are Phat: blunts, cars, clothes, people's backsides. But what comes to your mind when I say heavy?
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Let's Debate Wiki

This comment, to which I responded, inspires me to request that readers chime in on this question: how do you use Wikipedia? This is an important question to me because I've watched Wiki become a constant source of information around the blogosphere, and I'm not totally happy about it. Read more about Let's Debate Wiki

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Your New Library


I think the political benefit of such an arrangement is that in the future, most "libraries" will be corporate for profit access havens. Information there will be organized to meet certain interests, and that methodology won't calculate ours. But for now, it looks interesting. A fun project would be for someone to go over Google's material, while comparing it with old school microfiche of the same material.
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