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John McCain

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“Makers and Takers:” They're Projecting Again!

I found a segment on MCNBC's Up With Steve Kornacke show revealing for what it did not say. The segment started off with a clip from a Recent Town Hall of John McCain's. Senator McCain took a question from a woman who said, with more than a little emotion. Read more about “Makers and Takers:” They're Projecting Again!

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Look, Romney's Failure To Disclose Is a Disqualifier

For me this is simple. We have a giant problem in this country. It's the elephant in the room! We're a Democracy on the edge. We're in great danger of transitioning to a plutocracy: a society, economy and polity controlled by the rich. Read more about Look, Romney's Failure To Disclose Is a Disqualifier

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Papiere, Bitte (Papers, Please)

So, correct me if I’m wrong, but has’t it been the Right that’s bitched about Obama and the Dems turning this country into the next Nazi Germany????

But if you ask the the Arizona Senatorial candidates, apparently it’s a great thing that a new regulation virtually enacts World War II era Germany rules into Arizona state laws. Read more about Papiere, Bitte (Papers, Please)

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RNC vs. Tea Party: Too Much Hot Water?

Earlier this month, an RNC marketing document was discovered. In this appalling Power Point presentation, voters were divided into categories depending on the amount of money The Party expected to be able to suck out of them.

Perhaps in an attempt to recreate the flood of cash Obama received from small donors, the marketing presentation out lined the motivations of these “visceral” donors as “fear”, “reactionary”, and “extreme negative feelings towards existing Administration.”. In what I believe to be a classic case of not being able to see the forest ‘spite the trees, it just may be that the RNC bit off a bit more than they could chew. Read more about RNC vs. Tea Party: Too Much Hot Water?

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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: Content, Effect and Implications

This stimulus act isn’t all it should be, maybe five-eighths of a loaf, but it is better on close examination than first appearance and media reports had suggested. Read more about American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: Content, Effect and Implications

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Barack Obama, without illusion

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Great Strength

Yes John.
We're not going to Oxford tomorrow are we?
No we're not John.
Even if the deal is done?
Good, I never could spell Mississippi.
It isn't a spelling bee, John, it's a debate.
Oh, so why did we cancel Phil?
So you could look presidential John.
Good, I like it when I look presidential. How we gonna do that Phil?
You're going to Washington. You'll see the President, you'll take some meetings and you'll make statements showing your leadership and strength.
Read more about Great Strength

Obama versus McCain on energy

Given that this is Scientific American, I expect this is a reasonably neutral summary of the two candidate's positions -- and the questions both need to be asked: Read more about Obama versus McCain on energy

Republican National Convention

John Sidney McCain.

One of the more frustrating things for me in this primary is the way that years of oppo that we've salted away on Republican sexual deviance and Republican torture and killing of animals has gone unused; and both issues speak directly to Republican abuses of power with easy-to-understand stories that cry out for accountability. Read more about Republican National Convention

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Feeling all right

Some of you know that I am an, er, critic of Israel, but I am a big fan of parts of its English media, especially the newspaper Ha'aretz, and not just on its Mideast coverage. Here's an intriguing column by Bradley Burston on the US election. He's basically written Obama off.

Take a long walk in this land of dreams and all you'll see is Obama. Obama lawn signs, Obama bumper stickers, window placards, lapel buttons, anklets. In souvenir stores, Obama t-shirts compete successfully with longtime best-sellers touting Bourbon Street and carousing alligators.

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The Warren report: Obama and McCain at Saddleback

Observations on Obama and McCain at Rick Warren's anti-establishment-clause summit...


Led off by citing Matthew about "the least of us." If you're going to play the religion card, this is the better sort of framing. Slippery slope, though, ain't it?

Says Bill Clinton was right about workfare. Over the course of the hour, Obama lists several things that Bill did right, such as Bosnia. Funny, when his wife was still in the race, you'd never hear that the Clinton era was so good! Also, he pops in "sexism" now and again as an issue. Just in time to repudiate all that misogynistic press against Hillary, right? Read more about The Warren report: Obama and McCain at Saddleback

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McCain and Obama to kiss Rick Warren's ring

Tomorrow (Saturday) from 8:00-10:00PM EDT online, and on Fox News and CNN.

Just from the anticipation, my bucket runneth over. Read more about McCain and Obama to kiss Rick Warren's ring

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Helping with Expenses

The RNC has announced a $10 Million cash shortfall in funding for it's upcoming national convention. To help close the gap the Telecommunicating Association Companies of the United States (TACUS) has announced an effort to assist. "For the last 10 days of August we'll be donating a portion of our profits to help with RNC's expenses," said TACUS spokeswoman Fisah Wyretapper. "To show how grateful we are the republicans came to our rescue we're coming to theirs." Asked if TACUS would also be assisting the Democrats Wyretapper said, "No, but we'll be buying box lunches for some blue dogs." Read more about Helping with Expenses


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