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Rationalization and Obligation, Part III: Premium Bonds, and Asset Sales

In Part I of this six-part series I presented the President's explanation of why he can't use alternative options for coping with the default threat arising out of refusal to raise the debt ceiling, a summary of the kinds of difficulties characterizing it, and discussed two of seven options, selective default, and the exploding option, the President has to deal with it, apart from the way he seems to have chosen. Read below the fold...

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If all those liberals who regret their support for the Iraq war seriously want to atone for it, there is something they could do. They could start exposing the lies about Iran. For the last 10 years we have been told that Iran is 2 years away from having a nuclear weapon.
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New MSM Trillion Dollar Coin Wave Misses the Big Story: Drum and Yglesias

In my last two posts I've been reviewing the new wave of mainstream posts and commentary on Platinum Coin Seigniorage (PCS) by way of providing background for making the case that the MSM are missing “the big story” about PCS. Read below the fold...

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The WaPo MMT Post Explosion: Kevin Drum's Take on MMT

Kevin Drum, posting in Mother Jones, also threw his hat into the ring of discussion about Dylan Matthews's post about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). Kevin begins by characterizing MMT as “. . . . Read below the fold...

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Watch Out for Those Health Care Reform Polls


The AP recently released poll results on how people feel about the health care reform bill. Commenting on it, Kevin Drum says:

Atrios links to a Dave Dayen post that links to a report that says, "A new AP poll finds that Americans who think the law should have done more outnumber those who think the government should stay out of health care by 2-to-1." And the poll does say that. However, it doesn't say what "done more" means, and the actual numbers suggest that a more liberal law wouldn't have been any more popular than what we got. Here are the basic results from the AP poll: 30% favor the healthcare reform law, 40% oppose, and 30% aren't sure. Then they asked the 70% who were opposers and not surers a second question:

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More thoughts on April spending and consumer credit

Kevin Drum points out that "....Retail sales in April were down 2.4%, "the most wretched year-over-year showing by major retailers since the International Council of Shopping Centers began tracking the data in 1970," according to the LA Times."

More data suggestive that the increase in consumer credit in April is a result of paying taxes with a credit card, not underlying strength in the economy.

At least, the data is suggestive to ME.

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