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Utopian colonies and the deep roots of Occupy

Last year I worked on a series of posts1 with a loose collection of bloggers, mostly from Corrente. The general theme was arguing against the "diversity of tactics" approach being introduced at numerous Occupy encampments, Occupy Oakland in particular. During this process one of our co-authors - jaspergregory - referenced "The Dark Side of the Left: Illiberal Egalitarianism in America" by Richard J. Ellis as providing a good examination of authoritarian impulses among progressives since roughly the 1830s. Read below the fold...

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Quit Slandering “Liberalism”

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The World Has Changed

At least that's my sense. That in some fundamental way, during the past year the world - at least our world, by which I mean the United States - has changed. It's not so much that the United States changed overnight. It did not. It crept up on us, as each year corporate influence increased, our industrial base declined, our authoritarian tendencies grew. In the last year, the extent of the damage has been revealed, snapping into focus. Showing those of us who would look that the world has changed. Read below the fold...

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Just Because It's An Old Idea Doesn't Mean It's A Bad Idea

Just Because It's An Old Idea Doesn't Mean It's A Bad Idea One of the characteristics of the illness I call "americanism" is the tendency to pay attention to style and hype rather than truth. Read below the fold...

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