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The Myth That Big Government Is Big

In 1966, the budget for the federal government was 134.5 billion dollars ($656.1 billion in chained 2005 dollars). In 2011 (the most recent year where annual information is available), the federal budget was $3.603 trillion ($3.1786 in chained in 2005 dollars) or 4.8 times what it was in 1966 in real terms.

Similarly, GDP in 1966 was $787.1 billion ($3.8421 trillion in chained 2005 dollars) and $15.0757 trillion in 2011 ($13.2991 trillion in chained 2005 dollars) or some 3.5 times the 1966 GDP in real terms. Read below the fold...

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Hiram residents seek local control on fracking

On Tuesday the town of Hiram held a public meeting with representatives of the company Mountaineer Keystone (MK). MK, a subsidiary of First Reserve Corporation, is set to begin fracking operations in Hiram next month. Read below the fold...

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Let's Talk About Variances, EcoFreak Ed.

Yah, yah. One "can't beat City Hall." But: I'm steaming mad right now. For several reasons. a) I'm discovering that I can't build an addition off the house, basically an open floor/dirt grounded, passive solar, glass "extension" greenhouse, because of building codes. And b) due to an archaic law, the well that is on this property may have to be "capped" because it's blah blah nothing that matters in a health and safety sense blah. Read below the fold...

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