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Mark Foley

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I Suppose "Nancy Hearts Kiddie Rapers" is Too Much...

But if it had been your kid you'd probably be a little on the side of the polemic, I'm betting. For those people, and all the children who are exploited for political gain when they suffer, but never really helped by those who use them, this is for you:
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Christian[ist] Dollar Stores

Dollar Cross: "A Christ-Centered Dollar Store."

They've even got a close-out section:

1. Jeff Gannon bobble-head dolls: Only $1.00! Putting the "bob" in "bobble"!

But read on for even better deals:

2. Gary Aldridge wet suit: Only $1.00! Second suit free! Read more about Christian[ist] Dollar Stores

Palm Beach Diocese asks Foley for the name of his (alleged) abuser

Based on past behavior, I don't think it's likely the Diocese would be asking this question if they thought Foley's story was true. (Remember, the only "friend" who vouched for Foley's alchoholism is also Foley's lawyer). Palm Beach Post:

The Catholic Diocese of Palm Beach has sent a formal letter asking Mark Foley's attorney to identify the clergyman who allegedly abused the former congressman.

Dems: It's the abuse of power, stupid

ABC: It's the abuse of power, stupid

Finally, somebody picks up on this. ABC:

[This] should be the key bit of learning from this entire tawdry affair. The principals involved — Foley and Rep. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., the speaker of the House — offer some key lessons about abuse of power and the unwillingness of leaders to deal with that abuse.

It's the abuse of power, stupid

That's the common thread that connects Foley using his power as a Rep so he could line up 16-year-olds for ice cream runs, Bush using his power as President for torture, and every Republican malefaction in between. The Republicans are one and all, without exception, in the game for whatever they can grab by the handful whenever they think they have the power to get away clean with the loot: All the way from a nearby pageboy through stacks of cash at the CPA to the oil under the sands of Iraq. They're all the same: Abuse of power. That's why they sought power. Read more about It's the abuse of power, stupid

It's official! Hastert now radioactive!


House Speaker Dennis Hastert's political support showed signs of cracking on Wednesday as Republicans fled an election-year scandal spawned by steamy computer messages from former Rep. Mark Foley to teenage male pages.

And, for some reason, Republicans don't want to be in the same photograph with Hastert anymore: Read more about It's official! Hastert now radioactive!

See no evil



Two enablers. Nice.

And the story this photo is next to?

AP. Read more about See no evil

From the Department of Locking the Barn Door After the Republican Internet Sex Predator has had time to destroy his files


The Justice Department ordered House officials to "preserve all records" related to disgraced Rep. Mark Foley's [R-Neverland] electronic correspondence with teenagers, intensifying an investigation into a scandal rocking Republicans five weeks before midterm elections.

QOTD: "Can I have a good kiss goodnight"

Yes, it's Mark Foley once more:

Maf54: ok..i better go vote..did you know you would have this effect on me
Teen: lol I guessed
Teen: ya go vote…I don't want to keep you from doing our job
Maf54: can I have a good kiss goodnight
Teen: :-*

Can we please stop this nonsense that Conngressman Foley (R-Neverland) didn't have sex with minors?

Or are the Republicans arguing that phone sex isn't really sex? Read more about QOTD: "Can I have a good kiss goodnight"

The only "friend" that says Foley is an alcoholic is Foley's lawyer

"Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over the Kool-Aid"

Yeah, if there were a Republican 12-Step program, that would indeed be Step 1. Actually, I was going to write "...powerless over the lust for power" but that's just part of the Kool-Aid.

Gross Old Pervs.

Well, surprise, it turns out--and in just a couple of news cycles--that though Mark Foley (R-Neverland) checked into rehab, he may need a 12-step prograom for Kool-Aid. But not for alchohol: Read more about The only "friend" that says Foley is an alcoholic is Foley's lawyer

It's a good thing the Pope is infallible

Because otherwise he's have a lot to answer for.

Authoritarian relationships are abusive relationshiops.

Exhibit A:

Well, you can pick your own Exhibit A.

But I was going to start riffing on with The Holy Father... But you know? It's moral agency, stupid. Read more about It's a good thing the Pope is infallible

Why did Hastert not preserve the chain of evidence on Foley's computer?

Xan (she's a Goddess) read to the end of the LA Times article and found pure gold:

As of late Monday, the FBI had not requested access to the computers in Foley's former congressional office.

The office has continued to operate, handling constituent requests and other routine chores, but under the auspices of the clerk of the House.

How odd. Because if the office is still operating, it's still using the office computers. Read more about Why did Hastert not preserve the chain of evidence on Foley's computer?


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