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Maureen Dowd

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Maureen Dowd and Media Matters for America

If you want to know why Maureen Dowd hates David Brock (nope, not linking to that column, you can find it if you like) you have only to look at the work Media Matters for America has done exposing her editorial malpractice.

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Oh No, MoDo!


Everyone in the universe has now weighed in on the Shirley Sherrod situation, which means that of course, our dearest MoDo must not be left out. Clash, bang, bam! Let the tone-deafness begin!

The Obama White House is too white.

It has Barack Obama, raised in the Hawaiian hood and Indonesia, and Valerie Jarrett, who spent her early years in Iran.

But unlike Bill Clinton, who never needed help fathoming Southern black culture, Obama lacks advisers who are descended from the central African-American experience, ones who understand “the slave thing,” as a top black Democrat dryly puts it.

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Many human lives were at stake, which explains why Dowd didn’t care.

As usual Somerby buries the lede:

"What really counts from Congo: Dowd’s column teaches a lesson today in the meaning of “tabloid” journalism. Before pretending to discuss something important, Dowd burns up half her piece with Clinton’s briefly awkward moment. Cable “news” has had a ball with it too. It’s what these imbeciles live for.

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Versailles camp follower ponders her future

Mureen Dowd

I wondered how long it would be before some guy in Bangalore was writing my column about President Obama.

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Mocking Maureen Dowd Gives Me Deep and Lasting Joy

Environmentalists, social activists, feminists, atheists, political junkies... our modern Swifts and Voltaires. George Carlin blended anger and satire to blissful perfection, Grist Magazine is doing it for environmentalism, and Melissa McEwan does it for sexism and racism at Shakesville.

As the Obama euphoria fades, expect much more of this, from 23/6:

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Dowd Unplugged, Unhinged

Egad. Someone make it stop. Today is Pwn Obama Day for Maureen, and she's trying real hard (subscription only, to protect your eyes):

Can He Unleash the Force?

Obama is Luke Skywalker.

But often he reverts to Obambi, tentative about commanding the stage and consistently channeling the excitement he engenders.

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The prom queen's got a clue

Nearly a decade too late, Queen Heather Maureen Dowd figures out that the nerdy guy she belittled was the pick of the crop. Read more about The prom queen's got a clue

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MoDo Does The Netroots In Vegas

The breadth of coverage Yearly Kos is getting from the "old media," aka, the SCLM, appears to be rather stunning, from Adam Nagourney to Maureen Dowd - okay, that's like saying from A to B, and talk about the dizzy heights of not quite adequacy, but there are reports of Fromkin's presence, and I thought I saw Ron Brownstein scribbling away in what appeared to be a traditional "Press" section at the Plame Panel. Read more about MoDo Does The Netroots In Vegas

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