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Naturalized candidates

I've heard this Obama's "fake birth certificate" thing all over the wingnut radio, but was surprised to see an actual real lawsuit has been filed as a civil action in Federal Court. What is surprising is that no one has yet sued Panamanian-born McCain over potentially legitimate reasons regarding his "natural born" status. Read more about Naturalized candidates

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McCain's Mansions

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McCain's TV commercials

Is it just me, or does the female voice in the McCain TV Commercial bear an unfortunate resemblance to a feminine hygiene commercial? Read more about McCain's TV commercials

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McSame on healthcare: Goodbye NY mammograms if his "Enzi scheme" ever passes

nyceve at California Nurses has a video of McSame's appearance at the Lance Armstrong Cancer Center:

"Allow cooperation among states in the purchase of insurance". This is code speak for the infamous and despicable Enzi Bill, which the Republicans deceptively named the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act of 2005 and had it become law (God forbid), would have thrown even the most modest state health insurance consumer protection laws out the window.

In 2006, Mr. Bush and the U.S. House tried to pass legislation to allow associations to offer health coverage to their small-business members.

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How Bad Is Our SCLM? Should We Count The Ways?

Can we count the ways? I think not. No known measures could do justice to the dysfunction of our mainstream press.

Let's start with McCain being McCain, coming on strong, going after Obama, which he has been more and more of late. Not a pretty sight. (Sorry Paul L., but as much as I admire you, and I do, enough so that I'm looking very critically at me own prejudices, thus far, McCain creeps me out more than ever.)

Last week, Joe Klein tried to call McCain on one of his excesses. Tried and failed.

Last week was a bad one for McCain, who reacted with increasing shrillness to the seeming success of Obama's trip to Afghanistan and Iraq, a journey that McCain and his campaign all but demanded Obama take. And Obama had not yet hit Berlin. Read more about How Bad Is Our SCLM? Should We Count The Ways?

McCain: If you roll the Hard Six, have the decency to claim it on your taxes.

In the spirit of wishing openness and transparency for all our presidential candidates' affairs:

Mc Cain has a bit of a gambling problem -- he doesn't acknowledge that he does gamble, at least to the one group that matters, the IRS. From the Time article: Read more about McCain: If you roll the Hard Six, have the decency to claim it on your taxes.

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McSame loses his base

Murdoch Proclaims Obama 'The Real American Idol'

It seems the UK Sun has a positive article about Obama. Murdoch has been sending out signals for months that he would consider supporting either Clinton or Obama. Read more about McSame loses his base

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Huggy Bear or Sickly Bear?

So we'll never get the racists/sexists to vote for this year's Dem. But dood, I missed this one. Cliff:
Read more about Huggy Bear or Sickly Bear?

Obama's OTHER Forgotten Demographic -- Older Voters

While the Obama campaign and its surrogates have been trumpeting the fact that it is bringing in “new voters”, it seems to have forgotten a key component of the “old Democratic coalition” that it disparages.

“Old” voters. Literally.

The Clinton campaign consistently includes Hillary Clinton’s appeal to seniors when it discusses why she is the better choice to face off against John McCain – but the media seldom mentions older voters, choosing instead to concentrate on Clinton’s appeal to “white working class” voters to hype the race angle in the campaign. Read more about Obama's OTHER Forgotten Demographic -- Older Voters

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Today's single payer post: McSame is a crank


John McCain wants to ease up on state regulations that require health insurers to cover specific conditions. So what would happen to kids like Jake Bernard, who gets speech therapy for his cleft lip only because Florida law requires it?

Clinton Hangs On, Obama Drops in Polls, With Negative Media Attention

Aka Obama’s Sour Apples to Apples, Part Four

Between late February and mid-April, voters in nine states that should/could be “Democratic” in the 2008 Presidential Election were exposed to a considerable amount of negative informative concerning both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The negative information had little impact on how Hillary Clinton was regarded when compared to John McCain. But it has had a major impact on their perception of Barack Obama, and on the perception of the relative merits of Obama and McCain. Read more about Clinton Hangs On, Obama Drops in Polls, With Negative Media Attention

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The McCain Impotence Meme


Via TeddySanFran @ FDL, the question everyone should be asking right up to election day:

So, the question is: will the ad run on Monday?


Is John McCain powerless? Is he impotent?

Bwahaha. Yes, these are important questions. I hope that some of our more accessible talking heads *cough* Ezra *cough* will be able to raise them on the air. As in: Read more about The McCain Impotence Meme

Obama TANKING with Independents, Losing Moderate Voters


In the last six weeks, Barack Obama has been losing support in virtually every key demographic category when matched against John McCain, while Hillary Clinton has gained support. Perhaps most disturbing is Obama’s decline among Independent voters: Between late February and mid-April, in 9 key states for Democrats Read more about Obama TANKING with Independents, Losing Moderate Voters

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Singing Songs to His One, True Love

Orrin Hatch has written a song for McCain. It's shallow and vapid, you can read the lyrics and barf here. But what's really priceless is Tweety's reaction after playing a snippet on Hardball:

I will be singing it on the pillow tonight.

I bet he will.

Obama may send a thrill up their legs (although that's more about beating Clinton), but at night it's McCain they dream about.

h/t Avedon Read more about Singing Songs to His One, True Love


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