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15 Arguments Against WMD Playbook in Obama’s Hands!

It is highly probable that the Obama administration and NATO will be launching a pre-emptive war (under another name) against Syria within the next two weeks OR even the next two days. They will be using the same pre-emptive war WMD propaganda playbook, exactly as was done with GWB’s Iraq War.

Deja vu, my fellow Americans?

Are we still so much the “bewildered herd” we’re about to watch big-time international war criminality perpetrated one more time? This time with the weapons of mass destruction playbook in the hands of the ever-popular Barack Obama. Read below the fold...

Libby’s Political Stew: War-Torture-Drone Truthers & Liars

Ludwig Watzal in “U.S. Military Casualty Statistics Not the Senators’ Main Concern” calls out the Senate Armed Services' Committee hearing vetting former Republican Chuck Hagel for U.S. Secretary of Defense: Read below the fold...

Dishonorable Obama, Congress & Media Don’t Give a Serious God-Damn About Massive & Gratuitous Poverty and Violence


Meet the Press hosted apologists for Obama and corporatists everywhere. Defense of tax cuts for the rich the topic this time. Opportunities for disgust and disdain against those purist ideology-lefties, a/k/a more "hippie punching," of course was enjoyed by all. All but one, Anthony Weiner, who was the token liberal-sounding one this week (to be piled on). Mikey Bloomberg was blunt that liberal complainers need to “suck it up!” And, oh yes, he wants a subway series. (Yeah, let’s talk about what’s important, boys.) Read below the fold...

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The Ultimate Po-Mo President

This is a strong piece from start to finish. There are a couple of messages we should put out into the mix a lot more often. Like this:
Read below the fold...

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