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Some Actual Good News (Really!)

It's too soon to call it a cure, but an experimental method of treating cancer is showing great promise. Doctors at University of Pennsylvania used genetically modified versions of the patients' own T-cells (the body's white blood cells that fight off invaders) to eliminate cancer cells. Of the three patients treated, two are in complete remission, cancer free, and one is in partial remission. Read more about Some Actual Good News (Really!)

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Raw/Living Food: The Convert Speaks

Well, I have to Come Out. I'm a convert. It's my new religion and like any convert and evangelical, I can't stop talking about it. But dammit. This is working. So let me share. If you are bored with me, just absorb this simple part: stop cooking your food. Just, stop. Obviously you should be buying organic, local, and not-GMO. But damn, people. I laughed at Madonna when I read she went on this program, and now I feel ashamed for mocking her for what works. I always though hollywood drugs kept her in shape. Now I know. Read more about Raw/Living Food: The Convert Speaks

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Atheism, Science and "Alternative" Therapy

I'm an odd bird (but you knew that, natch). I have a background, educationally speaking, in both science (biology, history of science) and religion (history of religion, comparative Semitic philology). So my mind tends to dart all over the place and I can "see both (any) sides" with relative ease, intellectually speaking, even as I may not agree with that I'm studying or considering at any given moment. Read more about Atheism, Science and "Alternative" Therapy

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Adventures In Health Care


It's been just my luck to have a niggling health problem develop right when I'm newly arrived, and I got to spend the better part of my day dealing with it. Not because I love being fawned over by clinicians, but because I'm so new to the area that I haven't had time yet to find a doctor and otherwise line up all my little health care ducks. So I got to experience a little "community health care," a nice euphemism for what the poor "enjoy." Let me remind everyone that we're approaching 50 million uninsured in this country. I feel confident that what I experienced is at the upper end in terms of quality and service. So I thank my lucky stars for the little I did receive. Read more about Adventures In Health Care

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