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Are Truth and Price The Same?


Paul Jorian (an infrequent blogger) has written a new book "The Price"which looks at price determination through a new lens, having found supply and demand not predictive. He modestly calls it a theory of pricing:

truth and price- exhibit an identical structure; the only difference between the two of them is that truth is expressed with words and price with numbers.

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Full-Circle Truthiness

So over at Talkleft, Big Tent Democrat finds issue with an insinuation at (where else) Kos that Chris Dodd carried AIG's water on the bonus issue due to his being the largest* recipient of their campaign contributions. It was true he was carrying water, but it was Obama and Geithner's.

"Lessig promulgates a false implication - that Senator Chris Dodd acted as he did because of AIG contributions. It is clear now that in fact Dodd acted as he did at the behest of the Obama administration. In fact, in last week's issue of The Economist (p. 29) (before the AIG bonus scandal broke), the following was written:

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On the succcessful propagation of certain terms: Haka vs. wankfest or lek


This post started out as a comment, but I'm going to make it into a post. For a discussion of the need to replace haka with a term equally fit for the purpose, see here. IMNSHO, the two best candidates that emerged from Corrente contributors were wankfest and lek. For now, I'm using wankfest, for reasons stated below. Those who prefer the alternative, please read on!


At this point [lambert blushes modestly] I'm something of a subject matter expert on the semiotics of propagating certain words (terms; memes) in the blogosphere. Read below the fold...

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Internet Anonymity: Yours Forever Thanks to Republicans

Won't happen anytime soon. Why? Because there are more high ranking, trannie/gay/metrosexual/perv Republicans who worry about such a law than any large gathering of liberals and progressives could ever produce. Read below the fold...

Now I can die happy

Because my work here is done. Technorati thinks we're on the A-list. [Sings: "We're on the A list!" (tune at left)]

A-List Blogger

Fuck ! Bookers, cable weasels, you may contact our agent by leaving a note with bartender "Geoff" at the wet bar in the Fellows Lounge. The password is "specimen jar."

And before I forget:

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I've Looked At Clouds From Eight Sides Now...


Since we seem to be on a musical theme for titles this morning. Read below the fold...

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