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Libya Today, If Any Americans Remotely Care

It always resonates the pace of “Lucy and the chocolate factory” manic-ness, US-government, often with NATO, produced chaos and misery around the world, not to mention the chaos and misery from our own government on us domestically.

We collectively are easily numbed out by the "velocitization" of global and domestic tragedies our government is responsible for, though that responsibility rarely is dwelled upon if admitted to by a colluding and propagandizing mainstream media. Read below the fold...

Why Are Obama/NATO Stoking a Thermo-Nuclear War With Russia?

So what on earth would be the payoff of a thermo-nuclear war with Russia? It would end all life on the planet.

Are Obama and the crazed neocons and crazed neo-liberal interventionists so obsessed with geo-political and military gamesmanship they just can’t resist raising the ante to F*CKING THERMO-NUCLEAR WAR?

Why does Russian involvement with Ukraine have anything to do with US national security for one thing?

What on earth are the NATO leaders thinking, as well? Read below the fold...

Obama’s Hitlerian Comments @ West Point

In “Obama’s West Point speech: A prescription for unending war” Bill Van Auken exposes the folly of the corporate media in framing Obama’s recent speech as “an embrace of a more multilateral and less militaristic American foreign policy.” Read below the fold...

US Govt/Media Heart Neo-Nazi Death Squads!!! WTF??? 

In Ukraine scores of UNARMED CIVILIANS presently are being mass murdered by forces of the junta government of Kiev -- and the Obama administration and our Congresspeople and our mainstream media are just FINE and DANDY about that!!!

WTF???? Read below the fold...

From Rose Garden Obama Endorses Nazi Shock-Troop Terrorism

On Friday in the White House Rose Garden Barack Obama held a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during which the U.S. President expressed full support for a harsh crackdown against “pro-federalism”, pro-Russian, anti-coup Kiev government protesters in eastern Ukraine at the same time threatening Russia.

Bill Van Auken in “Appearing with Germany’s Merkel, Obama backs Ukraine crackdown” quotes Obama: Read below the fold...

Libby’s Stew: US Applies WMD’s Playbook to Syria

“Braying for war against Syria” by Bill Van Auken:

Van Auken accuses the Washington political establishment of seriously escalating a campaign of propaganda about the alleged use of chemical weapons. This has been prompted, contends Van Auken, from Syrian government forces having military successes in recent weeks. Read below the fold...

John Kerry Lipsticks the Syrian War Pig

The humanitarian crisis in Syria is an indictment of the United States, Britain and the other major powers that have deliberately stoked the sectarian civil war, and given support to a rag-tag opposition, dominated by reactionary Islamist tendencies, in a bid to oust the Assad regime and install a pliant puppet government. The US and its allies cynically exploit the social disaster they have helped create, in order to intensify the push to remove Assad. Oliver Campbell

---------- Read below the fold...

Obama, US, NATO Heart Al Qaeda in Syria (WTF?)

NATO ministers met in Brussels today, December 5th, to approve Turkey’s request for Patriot missiles and for foreign and US troops to be deployed to their border with Syria.

The US/NATO War-machine plows onward in the attempted illegitimate overthrow of Syria, much as it did with its successful illegitimate overthrow of Libya.

Turkey has offered geographical strategic assistance to the US- and NATO-backed so-called “rebels” trying to overthrow Assad’s Syrian regime. Turkey now offers itself as a flimsy fig-leaf for craven powerful western intervention into Syria. Read below the fold...

Explaining the Matrix (Think Up/Down Not Right/Left)


In his 2000 work “Escaping the Matrix: Are You Ready for the Red Pill?” Richard Moore begins: Read below the fold...

Hear The One About How R2P NATO Let 63 ‘Boat People’ Die?

I am presently working on a continuation of a blog about how the Iraq War WMD engineering of consent playbook is now being used in Syria thanks to a cravenly cronied and betraying “stenographic” Western media. A bobble-headed media that drinks any kool-aid their hegemonic administrations serve up and myopically and manipulatively uses its corporate-paid echo chambers to stir up a mass nationalistic righteous jingoistic conviction among citizens that is often profoundly unwarranted, wrong-headed and deadly. That enables massive perpetration of evil on our global fellow human beings.

I came across an Exhibit A example from the Libyan War of how the "humanitarian intervention" justification used so readily and righteously by the US and NATO is pretty much a crock of shit. Read below the fold...

INTRO-Syria Loses InfoWar To Morally Unhinged US/Israel/NATO

Okay, my first selected title of this blog was a tad too long but let me repeat it here:

“Blood-Bathed Syria Loses Info War To Serial Deceit of Morally & Militarily Unhinged (But Murderous) US/Israel/NATO”

Fasten your seatbelt if there’s the remotest chance your mind and heart are open to reality re the latest amoral outrage going on in Syria. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Of WW III proportions. (I wish I were being hyperbolic.)

“We’ve seen this movie before,” one of the dozen or so HONEST journalists I have been reading in the past few days reminds. Read below the fold...

Obama, NATO, Chicago, Fascism & Genocide

The 25th summit of NATO was held in Chicago.

What did it mean? I mean REALLY mean for us bottom and captive 99 percenters in the U.S. and in the world at large?

The propaganda paint job of the Obama regime is that NATO countries are doing mutual strategizing particularly to bring an end to the war in Afghanistan. Read below the fold...

10 Questions Re the West’s Nuclear-Winterization of the Arab Spring

Clearly the Syrians are going through unimaginable hells with the merciless oppression of their leadership. According to Nadin Abbott:

The Syrian unrest started in March 2011, on the heels of the successful Arab Spring In Tunis and Egypt. As Syrians took to the streets to demand that President Bashar Al Assad step down, the regime quickly clamped down. The Syrian government used armed personnel and snipers against peaceful demonstrators. Many people were kidnapped and taken by the security forces, after which they were tortured and in many cases killed.

snip Read below the fold...


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